5 tips on how to plan a bike tour

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5 tips on how to plan a bike tour
June 2021

Few things make you feel as free as taking your bike and going for a ride: sometimes even a trip of just a few kilometres out of town is enough to savour the pleasure of having gotten out and about.

But before you set off, here are some tips for the perfect bike tour.

1) The Bicycle

You don't need to own an expensive bicycle to go far, but it must be in good working order: the chain should be clean and lubricated, the tires inflated to the right pressure, and all the bolts of the components must be tight. Also, at least once a year, its a good idea to get your bike checked over by a mechanic at your local bike shop.

2) The Saddle

A comfortable saddle is essential. To choose the right one, you need to evaluate your position on the bike, your physical anatomy and your type of riding. The Selle Royal website offers all the advice and information you need to choose the saddle thats right for you.

3) The Equipment

Padded shorts and a technical cycling jersey are essential in all seasons, as is a jacket for rain or wind. Always carry a water bottle and a spare inner tube as well as the necessary equipment to fix a flat (it's easier than it might seem!).

4) Plan Your Trip

Don't go too far and remember to check the weather and wind direction, the real enemies of a pleasant ride. Before starting out, take a look at the route: there are various apps and sites, such as komoot, which allow you to plan your trip and evaluate all its characteristics, in particular the difference in altitude elevation and the type of terrain. Going uphill is tiring, but if the slope is gentle, its an effort that is rewarded by the satisfaction and pleasure of going back downhill!

5) Company on the road

Cycling with friends and family is one of lifes great pleasures, and it’s also a great chance for fitter riders to to take heed for those who are less fit. And when considering riding with children, they are often more capable than we think: what matters is keeping them motivated and entertained!

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