Barcelona on two wheels

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Barcelona on two wheels
November 2016

Did you know that Barcelona was one of the first European cities to use a bikesharing system?

Since 2007, the Catalans have fully understood the growing need to abandon their motor vehicles to reduce traffic and smog, while offering residents a healthy, inexpensive way to get around the city. In the wake of this decision, new bike paths have been created to reach different parts of the city and the number of tourist bike rental shops has also soared.
And with the city's massive investment plan to encourage cycling, the length of its bike paths is set to triple from the current 116 km to 300 km by 2018.

Barcelona is vibrant and spirited in every season, but it's even more intriguing this time of year, when the sun is not so harsh anymore, and most vacationers have returned home. You may use a long weekend to cycle along the city's Ramblas, beautifully surrounded by colourful autumn foliage, until you get to the Bouqueria Market, where many stalls selling all sorts of yummy things will make it hard not to indulge in some tempting treats.

And after gorging on tapas in cosy wine bars in the Gothic Quarter, you can get rid of extra calories by riding our bikes to Barceloneta beach, where we can lie down and enjoy the autumn warmth that makes this city so unique.

And this is just the first day! With your bike and a pinch of willpower, you can go so far as to the parks on the hills surrounding the city's historical centre, and feel like a child again as you wander among ancient monster sculptures and brightly coloured mosaics at the Parc Güell. The best saddle for this type of tour is the new Freeway Fit Moderate, padded with special memory foam (Slow Fit Foam) that contours to the shape of your body, ensuring immediate comfort on medium distances.

Once you have reached the highest peak of the park, you can look down from a terrace and see your next destinations: the Sagrada Familia, fairytale-like modernist buildings, and the bustling vitality of hidden neighborhoods.

Take your time, there's no rush...this is your weekend off!
Barcelona will be waiting for you - you can come back anytime and be sure it will never fail to surprise you.

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