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Beat the rain in style
May 2016

A Guerrilla Marketing Action with Calzedonia
Springtime and bikes are like strawberries and cream. They’re a perfect match.
But this equation contains a variable: the rain. Unpredictable, sudden, gentle yet treacherous.
Some days the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds and we all turn into fortune­tellers. Will it rain? Will it not? Then, when you least expect it, it starts to rain.
That fine, deceptive drizzle that all cyclists are well­acquainted with comes drifting down. It’s bad when you get caught in it halfway, but it’s just as bad when you find your saddle completely wet and you’ve got nothing to wipe it dry.
Selle Royal knows this well – and so does Calzedonia.
In March, hundreds of bikes in Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Dusseldorf were involved in a powerful Guerrilla Marketing action.
By handing in the stickers they found on their bike seats, cyclists could buy Calzedonia legwear and other products and get a Selle Royal rain cover for free.
Don’t let the rain beat you. Beat it in style.

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