Bike lovers come celebrate – the Cyclopride Day is back to Milan!

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Bike lovers come celebrate – the Cyclopride Day is back to Milan!
May 2017

What if we looked beyond the present? What if we were brave enough to write our future today? The age of oil is coming to a close. Electricity will lead the way sooner than we know. But what about today?

Today, real mobility pioneers are those who choose to move by bike – one of the oldest means of transport, it never goes out of style and solves people’s needs by sparking passion. It is a group of people who are proud to show the world that their choice is the one that will make the environment more liveable for their children.

This awareness began to take hold throughout Europe a few years ago, and even Italy is now discovering its two-wheeled spirit, fostered by events and gatherings that bring out the environmentalist inside amateur cyclists from all over the country.
One of Italy’s worst cities for traffic congestion, Milan hosts the Cyclopride Day; every year, an event for all those who choose to leave their car at home and ride – every day, or just whenever they can.

The Cyclopride Day brings together adults, youth and children, because bikes are the most democratic means of all: you don’t need a reason to love it, it just happens. And for that to happen, all you need to do is sit on your saddle and turn the pedals. The rest will come by itself. During the two days of cycling outdoors, workshops for children, street food and good music will help bring out the conviviality that is typical of all bike lovers.

This year, cyclists will flood the streets of Milan (last year they were about 15,000!) on Sunday, May 14, from 10:00 am; after that, from 1.00pm, a big Cargo Bike rally will be held in the Village, with a “beauty parade” and a fun race of freight bicycles. Invented in Denmark and then spread across northern Europe, Cargo Bikes have become increasingly popular even in Italy, especially among mothers who often have to deal with children, backpacks, pets, shopping bags and city traffic!

Taking care of all of them at the same time without using a car seemed impossible until a few years ago; yet, more and more families are now using this highly practical means of transport, which allows you to carry pretty much everything without sacrificing the pleasure of keeping fit by cycling. Selle Royal is now helping mums and dads choose to move on this special type of bike with Drifter Strengtex, one of the strongest saddles of its range, suitable for everyday use in the Relaxed position, and built using a special stretch material with Royalgel™ padding. Thanks to the special features offered by the Drifter saddle, those who ride on a Cargo Bike can count on high wear resistance, significantly lower pressure on the perineal region and the sit bones, and greater resistance to high pressures.

Carrying multiple things and people, saving on road tax and fuel costs, protecting the environment and keeping fit at the same time – Cargo Bikes really are a smart way to build the future.

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