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Discover the world on a bike
January 2016

A bike trip is a journey within a journey.
Usually you've arrived when you step off a boat or plane, or out of a car.
When you're on a bike, that's not the case. That's where the journey begins. 
You can't stay still. Give it a go - you won't be able to.
And you also know that you're not going to stop in the next town, you just know it. 
Who knows what's beyond that hill? Just a few more kilometers to go, let's do this!
I'll stop in the next town, I swear.

Two hours ago you were in the chilly mountains, and now there is a field of sunflowers in front of you.
Maybe you should have gone straight at the last intersection. What does it matter, anyway? Maybe it was truly where you wanted to go.
In life there is only one major exit to take. On the right is the path you know. To the left is that yet to be discovered. If you take the second, you'll never turn around - no way. Discovery is a one-way trip. 

A bike trip is never an escape, but almost always a meeting point.
With ourselves, if we're traveling alone. 
In the greatness of nature, if we leave the asphalt to follow the path. 
With the pleasure of a friend, if we're sharing the adventure, or with those we meet along the way. 
With the infinity that is the world, if we choose to be guided solely by our emotions.
Steinbeck said that people do not take trips, but rather the trip takes them. 

When you travel by bike you lose track of time, to gain that of space.
Don't bother asking yourself what you would be doing at this time at home. Enjoy where you are at that moment, enjoy the here and now even more than the time itself. 
Don't wear your watch, just keep an eye on the sun. And if you can't manage to do that, look out for a bell tower.
It may be that it's noon, and the inviting smell of a roast from a nearby restaurant arrives in your direction, as only the smell of roast at noon can be.
There it is. That's the signal to lock up the bike, because it's time to stop.
The next town will just have to wait.

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