A breath of fresh air contributes to well-being. Selle Royal on track arrives in Estonia.

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A breath of fresh air contributes to well-being. Selle Royal on track arrives in Estonia.
June 2018

These days, when talking about well-being, we often refer to care for the body, to physical activity and to mental balance in everyday life: pilates, yoga, gym, beauty parlour, sauna, biking and jogging are all useful and beneficial practices.
But we can't consider well-being separate from the environmental conditions in which we live, because while jogging or cycling is good, it’s better doing it breathing clean air, away from city traffic and pollution. Ok, but where?
After exploring the green valleys of the Neckar cycle path, this month, Selle Royal on Track is proposing a really special itinerary in the country the WHO considers as having the cleanest air in the world: Estonia.
Here, you really can ride in one of the finest natural environments in the world, filling your lungs with pure air at every turn of the pedal.

Estonia is one of the most suitable countries in Europe for cycling, especially between May and October, when the snow and ice have melted and temperatures are mild.
This month’s route is called EE1 (National Bike Path number 1). It belongs to Eurovelo itinerary number 10 that runs along the Baltic Sea coast. This route is approximately 975 km long and explores every little cove along the Estonian coast, on both asphalted roads and some more challenging gravel ones.
Take advantage of the many hours of sunshine during the summer season to take it slow and schedule time to stop and admire the fantastic scenery this country has in store for those who visit it by bike.

Pärnu, Estonia’s "summer capital", will be our starting point. This lively city is home to a variety of cultural events even during the hot months. Leaving here, we travel to the village of Virtsu, though we take a day for a side trip to the nearby island of Kihnu and the beautiful islands near the coast, especially Muhu, Saaremaa and Hiiuma, with their gorgeous views and incredible varieties of plants and animals.
Once we return to the mainland, we continue toward the Noarootsi peninsula and Nõva forests, formerly populated by the Swedes. The coastal roads here are not in perfect condition, but the really impressive landscape more than makes up for any discomfort.
The next stage leads to Paldiski, a city that was once home to the Red Army. We then continue toward Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, along a route that offers fantastic views of the sea and the forests.

When we leave Tallin, we head toward the Lahemaa National Park, where we feast our eyes on another great natural spectacle: immense beaches of fine sand, waterfalls, tiny villages of multicoloured houses and marshes that are home to many different species of migratory birds. We are dazzled by the views in this magical place. Our route runs along a dirt road for about 20 kilometres all the way to the furthest tips of the peninsulas.
Upon exiting Lahemaa park, we head toward Narva, a city that marks the end of the Estonian part of the Eurovelo path. As we pedal along the coast, we can’t help but be struck once again by the beauty of the landscape: this is nature at its finest.
It’s hard to say what is most impressive about this fascinating country. At the end of this long ride, we surely feel good. We might be a bit tired, but the physical activity and the pure air we breathe in so deeply have no equal. Fresh, light and fragrant air that leaves us feeling alive and full of energy with every breath.

The best time to undertake a long cycling trip here is when the sun shines without beating down on you, when the wind blows without freezing and when pedalling provides a feast for the eyes and pleasure for the body. Selle Royal on Track is taking a break and will be back in September for more cycling adventures. Have a great summer!


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