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Child-friendly streets
May 2016

Ask children why they would like streets to be safer and you will understand how important it is.
This is the brilliant idea behind the “30elode” campaign organised by Fiab to promote the 30 km/h speed limit in urban areas.
300 nice letters written by children from all over Italy were put together in a book and sent to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to ask for child­friendly streets and cities.
The result was enlightening.
The most frequent requests include more cycle paths, but some even suggested creating ‘a bike school bus’. Some would like to go cycling more often because they are tired "of being called fat", while some dream to ride a bike on the moon. There were even some budding poets, who wrote poems and sonnets, imagining a bike ride “with all the children of the World". The outright winner is Paolo, who would like to ride a bike all the time, "because staying at home cheeses me off".
The book was put into the hands of Minister Boschi, in the hope that she will take this important message to the Parliament: from the youngest to the oldest, everyone wants child­friendly streets!

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