Cycling: my choice to live better

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Cycling: my choice to live better
July 2017

My name is Martina, I'm Italian but I live in the UK. I have a strict daily routine: I get up at 6:15 every morning, and the first thing I do is look out the window to check the weather. With 836 mm of rain every year, Liverpool can be a hostile place for cycling lovers like me.

I ride from one end of the city to the other on my commuting bike every day. I cycle for more than 26 km across the city streets every day. But my passion is much more than just riding around town; for example, I love to use my spare time to go mountain biking on the hills of Wales and Scotland, or in the Alps, when I go back home.

Riding a bike is not just about speeding up; it's also about slowing down. This is why my boyfriend Edward and I like to plan tours on two wheels. To slow down the hectic pace of every day life, we like to experience new ways to see the world, get ready to discover unique places that could never be explored other than by bike. In short, for us it's a deeply liberating, meditative experience and in some ways it's also inspiring - my best ideas come when I'm on my saddle!

It's with these assumptions that we chose our latest destination: Cuba. We felt the need for a warm, sunny place, with hills and the sea nearby, where we could forget, for a little while, the grey climate of England. And so it was. We left in April and we cycled for 500 km in ten days, loading our bikes with water and tropical fruit, dodging the colourful crabs that crossed the road, and savouring the climate and the beauty of the Caribbean culture and nature.

In short, my bike plays a role in nearly every aspect of my life. This is why I think it's important that every part of it is tailored to my needs to get the highest level of comfort. And that's why, when I had to find the right saddle for me, I could only opt for a Selle Royal Scientia saddle.

I have two of them: Scientia A>2, for my commuting-bike and Scientia M>2, which I use for longer trips. Tailored to the distance between my hip bones, they are just perfect for my own body shape and riding style. They fit like a glove.

However, when I ride my bike I don't just feel good because I'm comfortable; it's also the awareness that I'm doing something good for the environment, for my own health and for society. Cycling is a fast, inexpensive way to get around; it helps reduce traffic congestion as well as CO2 emissions. Not only that: it's a great way to keep fit and, as shown by a recent study in the British Medical Journal, it significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Regardless of when and how you do it, I think that cycling teaches us to understand and push our limits. It makes us feel free and independent. This sport is also engaging an increasing number of women, and it feels great to be a part of this growing community!

But that's another theme... stay tuned!


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