Cycling to work: the best way to get back in shape!

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Cycling to work: the best way to get back in shape!
April 2017

April has arrived! How to resist the temptation of the sun, when it can finally offer you a few more hours of sunshine and warmth? There are no more excuses: it's finally time to stick your nose out of the door and reactivate those muscles that stayed seated on the couch for a whole season. The desire to stay outdoors as long as possible combined with the need to get in shape will make the miracle. And then you find yourself changing tires, adjusting your brakes, oiling your chains and getting back in the saddle!

There will of course be some daring cyclists who are ready to hit the ground running towards steep slopes, perhaps because they kept working out even in winter. But, let's be honest, leaving the car at home and going to work by bike is already a great satisfaction. In this case, starting with some simple trips is an excellent way to exercise, in addition to some little tricks to start the new season on two wheels without drawbacks.

For example:

  1. try to cycle to your workplace when you have a day off, so that you have the time to find the easiest route and see if there are any difficulties you need to overcome;
  2. locate a suitable place to freshen up; if you get caught in a downpour or you cycle in the heat, it could turn out to be crucial.
  3. To this end, leave some clean clothes in your office;
  4. remember to bring along a snack or a fruit that you can eat if you feel particularly fatigued;
  5. to avoid strains and injuries, we recommend that you warm up briefly before leaving, protect your head with a helmet and keep your knees and hips aligned;
  6. check your bike in advance and take action where necessary, perhaps by choosing the saddle that better suits the shape of your body and your riding style.


More specifically, if you are starting to use your bike again to go to work after a long time, you'll want to choose a comfortable seat that helps you enjoy your morning ride smoothly. For example, the Lookin 3D, saddle is also perfect for anyone riding in the Relaxed position. A window in the padding will allow you to see the RoyalGel™ inside, an excellent technology that can adapt to the shape of your body while lightening load points and making your ride extremely comfortable.

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