There are goals that are important to reach, and others where it is nice to stop. Discover the “tasty” side of commuting!

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There are goals that are important to reach, and others where it is nice to stop. Discover the “tasty” side of commuting!
January 2018

Those who wish to control their own lives and move beyond existence as mere clients and consumers - those people ride a bike”. Starting from this quote by the German sociologist Wolfgang Sachs, an author of theories on globalisation and sustainability, today we would like to talk about a new concept of places created to cater to the needs of cycling lovers.

Have you ever thought about spending a free afternoon in a charming place, with a warm, invigorating drink, perhaps while waiting for your vehicle to be repaired and brought back to its best working condition? There are many of them around the world; they are meeting places for those who like to take some time out for themselves, enjoy a good cup of coffee and a nice chat, perhaps while their bike is being fixed and stories of bicycles are displayed on a screen. We’re talking about the so-called bike cafés; they are happy places for small communities of people who share the same lifestyle and love of sustainable development, united by a common passion for bicycles.

We are not sure when and where this type of hangouts originated, but many say that the first was the Keirin Cycle Culture Cafe in Berlin, opened in 2004 after the brilliant idea of two cyclist friends, who wanted to create a place where they could fix their bike while sipping a good cup of Italian coffee. After that first Cafè, the idea of combining business with pleasure has become more and more popular, growing worldwide in different and increasingly fascinating ways. In the era of social sharing, there is no better place than a themed bar to make sure you can find people with your same interests, and see your coffee break as a time when you also get to learn more about bikes.

Bike cafés are destined to grow exponentially, also due to the global spread of a culture of well-being that is no longer tied to what you have, but to a different approach to everyday life: less frenetic, more respectful of what surrounds us, whether it is people or the environment, and therefore “kinder”.

This has led to the creation of some of the most beautiful places in Europe and overseas, each with different, unique features.

Look Mum No Hands in London, for example, is a  bike café where not only you can have breakfast, but also buy accessories for your bike, but also ask for a quick fix or watch cycling races with other enthusiasts.

If you like sought-after menus and love watching films about bikes, you may want to try the Upcycle Café in Milan. In its Nordic-style hall, everything is made from reconverted and recycled ecological and sustainable materials, and you can taste some incredible delicacies.

Art and culture are the main reasons that prompt those who are in Madrid to try La bicicleta cafe In the cosy spaces of this café, which offers traditional home-made dishes, anyone with a bike can satisfy both the eye and soul by walking through the halls and watching the works on display, all dedicated to the world of bikes and street art.

As we cross the ocean, we can find the same love of this bike-food combination. A unique example is the Angry Catfish in Minneapolis, a coffee bar and bicycle shop, where those who like to work in peace can stop for as long as they want. Like many other US and European cafés, Angry Catfish gives customers the possibility to buy bike accessories but also clothing items, because cyclists are often unprepared to face the city’s streets, often cold and icy.

For creatures of habit who love to feel “at home” wherever they are, Bianchi Cafè & Cycles is a bike café franchise created by a historic Italian bicycle factory, which has opened cafés in Sweden, Milan and Tokyo and is now spreading in the rest of the world. The uniqueness of these bike cafés is that they include an area dedicated to a bike fitting service, a place that allows anyone to discover their ideal posture on the saddle.

These are just a few examples of what bike enthusiasts can find around the world, but we know for sure that many new and unique cafés are being opened in unexpected placesBike dress in Munich,, Velocite Cafè in Lisbon, Steel in Paris, lHeritage Bicycles in Chicago, Zweiradperle in Hamburg, Bici e radici in Milan, l’Exceller Bikes in Brugge: we could mention many more, an yet the list would still be endless!

Stopping for coffee is no longer an end in itself; it is a mental attitude that helps people share their ideals and lifestyles, as well as their passion for bikes.

What about you? Is there any other bike café that you would recommend? We are curious to know about the surprising features and the uniqueness of your favourite bike café: tell us a story!

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