Discovering the Middle Earth

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Discovering the Middle Earth
March 2017

Sometimes a trip can catapult us into an adventure that we eagerly read about a long time ago, perhaps as we were lying down comfortably on freshly cut grass, or on a warm sandy beach, as we fantasised about monsters and dragons in wild wastelands. Then some other times you get to experience the opposite. Without even realising it, you become the hero of that story... Or better still, someone could be reading about you at this very moment!

This is what is happening to Roberto Cassa, a young man riding his bike in the Middle Earth in the footsteps of hobbits and critters. He arrived in New Zealand in the first days of March to be amazed by the wild nature of the southern hemisphere of the Earth and to learn about a new, fascinating way of life.

The Scientiasaddle was designed precisely to make a trip like Roberto's more comfortable even on rugged and rough roads, specifically shaped on the rider's sit bones, padded with 3D skingel to reduce pressure and absorb shocks. Roberto's desire to know, see, open his heart and mind to the world around him has no boundaries, and doesn't fear fatigue or the unexpected.

So when he found himself in the midst of a downpour only a few days after his arrival, he didn't lose his nerve. Cycling was very tiring, but it was a blast for the mind, because whizzing through the pouring rain boosted his adventurous spirit. Because he didn't want to miss a thing, despite the bad weather, he dabbled in "zorbing", the local recreation of rolling downhill inside a huge transparent ball.

Such an amazing experience!

Immediately after, he got back into the saddle and focused on how to reach the closest place where to shelter from bad weather and spend the night. To avoid hypothermia, Roberto used some of his all-time tricks: he eats a lot and never stops to prevent indigestion. The fact that he couldn't listen to music while cycling was a major downside, because he uses it to distract the mind from dangerous thoughts: if you are alone, in a foreign country, in a thunderstorm that seems to never end, and on an uncovered means of transport, fear could gain ground. Afraid to feel suddenly bad, to be unable to make it, to give in to discouragement.

But Roberto knows that if you follow strict rules and keep your focus and morale up, all fears can be held at bay. So he finally reached a camping site and, because his tent was completely soaked, he got himself a warm bungalow where he could finally dry up and rest.


Roberto enjoyed some comfort at last, as he waited to get back in the saddle to reach the next destination: the village of Mordor! We will continue to follow Roberto's adventures in his charming trip on two wheels, but for now we'll just let him recover from the stress of the day.

All photographs appearing in the article are taken by and the property of Roberto Cassa

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