The dream of travelling on two wheels

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The dream of travelling on two wheels
August 2016

Travel the world by bicycle, aimlessly and without hurry.
Explore new places, discovering new people, by just following your instinct, legs and heart.
Could this be the dream of every traveller on two wheels?
There are some who have been living this dream for 10 years.
Their names are Isabelle and Bruno Frebourg, a couple from Normandy. After having travelled over half the world by motorbike, later with their daughter in a sidecar and on foot by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the 6,000 metres of the Chachani volcano in Peru, they decided to discover the other half of the globe by bicycle, the means that they deemed best suited to the "circumstances, our physical condition and desires”.

After waiting for their daughter to finish her studies, from 8 April 2006 the Frebourgs chose to embark on their "journey without a return date", during which they have travelled approximately 115,000 km and visited 55 countries to date, including most of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

Their experiences, discoveries and encounters along the way are shared on the website, along with many ideas and information on the routes that they have taken, from places to visit to tricks on how to do 10,000 kilometres a year on two wheels and enjoy them all.
It is for this reason that we are particularly proud that in recent years they chose to abandon their old saddles for the use of our Respiro Soft Moderate**, and we are pleased to accompany them on their journey in offering all of the comfort possible.

After leaving Canada to travel down the west coast of the United States, the couple is currently visiting the beautiful Yosemite National Park in California, and is preparing the next stage of this dream turned reality.
If travelling around the world by bike has also been a dream of yours, then they are living proof that it can be done. The important thing is to do it in comfort and full serenity.

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