The European Cycling Challenge: in Europe, unity is strength

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The European Cycling Challenge: in Europe, unity is strength
July 2017

There's something charming about competitions; it's the effort, the dedication and commitment that professional athletes put in their work every day, as they constantly strive to push their limits. Some races, on the other hand, have nothing to do with competitiveness, and yet they preserve their charm; we're talking about cheerful challenges engaging entire cities with a shared purpose that is not just victory, as in the European Cycling Challenge.

Created in 2012 on the initiative of seven European cities in Italy, Spain, Estonia, the UK, Romania and Greece, the challenge soon engaged an increasing number of countries, with more than 52 registered cities in 18 different countries in 2016, for a total number of more than 46,000 attendants.

For the first time, with the European Cycling Challenge, cyclists across the Old Continent had the opportunity to demonstrate that cycling is not just a way to filter through the traffic or replace the car during an emergency, but a real lifestyle. To take part in the challenge, you can subscribe on the cyclingchallenge website from 1st to 31st May every year and join the team of your city. A mobile app created specifically for the event will track the bike trips made by each participant during the day, for any reason - to go to work, make errands, go to school or just wander around town. This count will then add up to that of the whole group of cyclists in your city.

The final km count will then be compared with that of other participating cities and, at the end of May, the city with the highest score according to the rules of the game will be the European cycling capital. All bike types can take part in the challenge: normal bikes or e-bikes, cargo-bike, bikes for hire, and many more. The important thing is that all the riders join the challenge with a spirit of participation and belonging, and not with the aim to win a trophy. This year, the winning city is in Turkey: it's Izmir Buyuksehir Belediyesi, where the local team covered more than 972,000 km.

Competitions like these reveal the healthy, engaging side of sports, bringing out the pleasure of riding a bike: it's same mission that we pursue at Selle Royal every day, as we help cyclists find the right level of comfort in every occasion.


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