Exploring a car-free island...

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Exploring a car-free island...
November 2016

This is the story of a six-year-old explorer named Carlo.
Carlo and his brother never have the foggiest idea of what their destination will be: their parents love to discover new destinations every year and pass their love of travel to their kids.

This year, the boys only knew that they would go by the sea - everything else was a mystery. After a flight, a bus and a ferryboat ride, they finally landed on the island of Porquerolles, not far from Marseilles.

As soon as he arrived, Carlo was amazed by the countless colours and sounds of that small stretch of land; hundreds of boats were docked at the port, with a constant stream of people getting off the ferry boat and crowding the streets with festive voices as they strolled. Only one sound was missing…

Try as he might, Carlo couldn't hear any rumbling. No cars, motorbikes or scooters were allowed around the island - some five square miles where the bicycle is the one true ruler of the streets! They took a look around and found out they were in a charming little town where residents and vacationers alike moved only on two wheels - or on their own feet.

“It's a great opportunity to learn how to ride for good”, Carlo thought. So the family rented some bikes and set off to explore the trails of Porquerolles. Dad Marco decided to rent a trail-gator to help the kid familiarise with his bike and teach him how to keep his balance.

As soon as he got into the saddle and picked up the right pace, Carlo was eager to cycle across the island. He couldn't get to Notre Dame beach, that he already wanted to get back on his bike and head for Fort Sainte Aghate on top of the hill, or for the harbour, to see the boats.

It was not so hard to get around the island, as every dirt road led to colourful beaches, surrounded by thick pine forests: Plage D’argent, the Courtade and Plage du Langoustier are just breathtakingly beautiful!

Dad's bike was equipped with a Respiro Soft Athletic, saddle; featuring Royalgel™ padding and a central ventilation channel, this saddle makes cycling easier by relieving pressure while improving air circulation in the perineal area.

After this holiday, Carlo learned that it's worth learning how to ride a bike, because it can take you anywhere; all you need is the right equipment, some training and a constant desire to discover new places.

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