With eZone Selle Royal is one of the winners of the Design & Innovation Award

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With eZone Selle Royal is one of the winners of the Design & Innovation Award
February 2018

Selle Royal is proud to announce that its eBike saddle eZone won the Design and Innovation Award (DI.A) 2018. Launched in October last year, eZone is the first saddle designed specifically for modern urban eBikes, for leisure, tourism and off-road. The saddle is the result of the first complete study conducted on e-bike users by Selle Royal in collaboration with the main designers at Designworks, a BMW group subsidiary.

The eZone saddle was defined as an "important player in the e-bike market". In addition to being considered suitable for multiple riding styles, "this saddle design helps make the ride safe during acceleration and allows the cyclist to have increased control over the bike".

This recognition was a source of great satisfaction, as evidenced by the words of Lara Cunico, Marketing Manager at Selle Royal, who declared: “Selle Royal is once again officially recognised as an innovative brand at the forefront of innovation and research. It took over two years to complete this design and create eZone, and we cannot be but proud to see that its value has been recognised by one of the most prestigious awards in the bike industry. Selle Royal strongly believes in innovation: we carefully listen to consumers and think big to develop new products. With today’s fast-growing e-bike sector, it is crucial for brands to grasp market demands and try to meet them in full”.

Another source of pride for Selle Royal was that the Design & Innovation Award is the only recognition in which new products are not only discussed, but also tested and assessed by an expert team of cyclists, designers and engineers. Two weeks of field tests, nightly discussions and countless hours in the workshop and in front of computers are the factors that determined the results of the award.

It’s a milestone and a step into the future  However, in the race towards innovation and progress, a victory should never be seen as a finishing line, but an incentive to achieve more and more.

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