Frequently asked questions
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What is the difference between biconical springs and elastomers?

Biconical springs achieve their classic look thanks to two springs that move in a complementary way to offer good suspension. Elastomers, thanks to their horizontal and vertical action, absorb unexpected shocks during the ride.

From what materials are your saddles made?

Selle Royal products, from a chemical and mechanical point of view, are tested to the strictest European and American standards. For more information on specific products, please contact our product department.

How do I install my Selle Royal saddle?

Carefully read the section on proper saddle installation here. Or view this video.

How do I clean the saddle? What precautions should I take?

We suggest cleaning the saddle with mild soap and water. To keep it protected from bad weather, use a cover when possible.

For leather saddles do not use water to clean, we suggest instead product specific for use with leather. After you purchase a Selle Royal product, please read the User Manual carefully and follow the instructions for correct product cleaning and maintenance.