Fitness and wellbeing: back in shape on two wheels

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Fitness and wellbeing: back in shape on two wheels
July 2017

How many times did you think that you needed to get back in shape, perhaps after eating too much over the holidays or to get beach-body ready? And how many times did you think that the only way to feel good was through physical workout? Like the vast majority of people, we tend to think that we need some weight lifting, water aerobics, indoor cycling, pilates, dancing and so on, believing that the more exhausted we get, the better our body will feel.

And yet the easiest solution was right there, before our very eyes, probably locked in our garage or chained to our gate: our bicycleCycling is the easiest, least expensive way to work out and enjoy it, perhaps only matched by walking.

By cycling, we can:

  1. Lose weight
    By keeping a steady but not excessive pace, you can lose up to 600 calories per hour, toning your whole body at once. Not only will you use your calves and thighs, but also your back and abdominal muscles (which are key to sit properly on the saddle), as well as your arms and shoulders (when cycling uphill).

  2. Be healthier
    Cycling is also a cardiovascular exercise, which strengthens both your heart and lungs while reducing blood pressure.

  1. Feel better
    By cycling, you won't only enjoy some fresh air outdoors, with its mental and emotional benefits, but also stimulate socialisation by improving your mood, lowering stress levels and preventing depression.

  2. Eat healthier
    When we cycle constantly, our body will need a healthy diet that fuels us up without weighing us down. So, before riding, we will tend to fat food and eat plenty of fruit and carbohydrates. If you go for an outdoor trip, you may even want to keep some nuts and dried fruit in your pockets, to prevent your blood sugar from dropping too low and get new energy at any time.

If we also consider that the summer season gives you longer daylight hours it will become much easier for you to take some time for yourself and your well-being! 

Take it easy then, and ride your bike in the late afternoon or early in the morning, so you won't have to cycle under the blazing sun. Because, after all, well-being is also and mainly about this: a matter of comfort.

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