Friends for life, but everyone has their own saddle!

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Friends for life, but everyone has their own saddle!
October 2017

Great friendships sometimes develop by chance and last a lifetime, inextricably linking together people who are different yet united by the same path they have taken or by a shared passion.

One such example is that of Giovanni, Antonio and Paola, who met at secondary school and whose friendship continues after finding work and starting a family. Even when they were at school together, they realised that they did not have much in common, however, they get on so well together and share a genuine passion for going to the cinema. They would go out every Saturday night, taking turns to choose a film to watch and spending hours discussing its merits and faults.
During their time at university, they chose different paths but kept in touch and, despite the fact that there were no emails or chat rooms, they managed to continue this habit. Over the years, however, it became more difficult to meet every week so, in order not to lose the tradition, every first Friday evening of the month they meet outside the cinema in the city centre. This choice was made due to a little nostalgia rather than by chance. To meet up, they have to do just as they did when they were youngsters: arrive by bike.

Today, Giovanni, an architect, works in a studio a few kilometres from his home so he realised he would not need to buy a car. He prefers to go on longer journeys by train or get a lift with his wife, whereas he uses his bike for any other trip. “So I can put a little muscle mass on these dry little calves of mine!”, he always says to anyone who asks him why he doesn't buy, at least, an e-bike.

His "Leia", the name he gave to his bike and that reveals his favourite films, has taken him everywhere since he was at university and, except for a few punctures and a headlamp that works on alternate days, he has never found any fault with it. Although Giovanni mistreats it a bit, he really would not know how to manage without it. Therefore, he tries to do as little maintenance on it as possible so that he can use it continuously: he regularly oils the chain, adjusts the brakes every change of season and insists on a comfortable saddle. The saddle he has chosen,  Freedom Strengtex by Selle Royal, has a hard-wearing cover so he does not need to worry too much where he leaves the bike when he is out and about to meet his customers. The saddle is also padded with RoyalGel™, which ensures maximum comfort for every ride.

He arrives five minutes late at the place where he is to meet his friends and, of course, Antonio is already there waiting impatiently. Since he moved to the hills, he always rides his mountain bike to meet up with them, wearing a windproof jacket even in August and a mini backpack, and says, “I am too old to wear a belt pouch but not old enough for a man bag”. As a computer programmer, throughout the week Antonio sits at his computer so he likes to get on his bike and pedal for a few hours whenever he can. He is not so enthusiastic about riding but feels the need to free his mind from numbers and codes and just think about getting a little physical exercise.

Antonio is very practical and since he bought a mountain bike, he intends to use it correctly. This means just one thing: when he decides that it is time to take a break from work, he rides at least as far as his beloved hills, where he can pedal along a stretch of dirt road and feel closer to nature. But he is not unprepared, having bought everything he needs to avoid regretting his choice: a lightweight jacket that is both windproof and waterproof, a helmet for when he rides on busy roads, a tyre-repair kit in case he gets a puncture and a functional saddle, which allows him to avoid having to buy those uncomfortable and tight bike riding shorts that he really does not like.

Someone suggested buying the Respiro Soft Athletic saddle by Selle Royal because, besides having RoyalGel™ , which makes it extra comfortable also when pedalling on dirt roads, it uses a technology that provides air circulation in the perineal area and allows you to do a few more kilometres with complete ease. Just as in his favourite films where chases, acrobatics and international intrigues follow one another without stopping.

Then Paola is the last to arrive, as usual. Since she got pregnant, the minutes she is late have increased as much as her belly but, despite this, she is not demoralised and still wants to meet up with them by bike. “It is the only physical exercise I can still manage to do…so let me do it!”, she says every time her partner tries to convince her to accept a lift or catch a bus. To stop him insisting, she had to give in at least to one thing: the saddle. She allowed him to buy her one made of Slow Fit Foam, a viscoelastic foam that seems to be specifically made to adapt to her new generous curves, making her feel as comfortable as on a sofa at home. Therefore, at her slow pace, she meets up with her friends feeling like the celebrity of the evening, the one that they all eagerly await and adore just like a film star.
Paola has no favourite film genre: she is an avid fan of all films. She likes the very ritual of going to the cinema; the lights that go out, the silence of the audience, the all-embracing sound and even the trailers of upcoming releases. In this period, she often feels particularly emotional or irritated, so her partner is more than happy for her to let of steam a little with her closest friends.
And tonight it is her turn to choose the film…her friends have been notified!

Discovering the relaxing experience of a bike ride with friends is one of the pleasures of life, at any age.
What about you? Have you discovered which saddle
suits you best?

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