In Germany, even bikes have a "guardian angel"

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In Germany, even bikes have a "guardian angel"
January 2017

If you use a bicycle every day, you more than likely take care of it and perform periodic checks to ensure that everything is working properly, which is certainly the best way to prevent annoying mishaps during your daily journeys.

Nonetheless, it is never 100% possible to ensure that you won’t end up on foot due to a flat tire or a locked chain; and when it happens, what options do you have?

If you are lucky, and mainly cycle in city centres, it's easy to run into a bicycle mechanic who can give you a hand. But if not, the only alternative is to count your losses and push your bike back home.

In Germany, near Dusseldorf, Mr. Stefan Zimmermann believes that for those who count on two wheels to get to work, there is nothing worse than finding yourself in difficulty due to a failure; he created a service called Fahrrad Engel (in English, the "Bicycle Angel"), which is a true godsend for stranded cyclists.

It works similarly to an emergency call: the cyclist is assisted where the incident occurred and the bike is repaired in half of an hour at most, and if necessary, the bike can be delivered to the owner’s workplace or directly to his or her house. The German people are quite passionate about cycling, and choose it as their preferred medium of transportation both for everyday use as well as when on holiday – so much so that it is considered the "homeland of bicycle tourism".

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