Girls get on your bikes, it’s time to get moving!

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Girls get on your bikes, it’s time to get moving!
September 2018

It’s an accepted fact that when groups of people want to make themselves heard, it doesn’t matter what the cause is, what’s important is to get organised, act and find the best way to draw people’s attention and get them talking about the objective.
Regardless of era, cause and context, the cry is almost always the same: “We must make ourselves heard, we must show ourselves, we must get our arguments out there! In short, we have to get moving!”

Oh yes, getting moving. It’s no accident that anyone who wants to make their ideas or needs known, must bring their goodwill into play and get moving, even in the literal sense, so that their ideas may travel as far as possible.
And why not? Even on two wheels: as the organisers of the
Fancy Women Bike Ride have done. A bicycle ride just for women, that once a year fills the streets of 70 cities worldwide with a touch of femininity.

On the 23rd September the Fancy Women Bike Ride will be bringing its cheerfulness to the streets of Milan, among other cities. For the first time since the birth of this joyful event, the ride will depart from Piazza Duomo at 4 pm on Sunday 23rd September and will wind through 5 km of the city centre’s roads at a speed that allows all the participants to share the enthusiasm and smiles with passers-by. The arrival point will be the Arco della Pace, where a collective toast will be held to close the carefree day.

The Fancy Women Bike Ride was born in Izmir, Turkey in 2013 as a response to the dominant masculinity in the world of traditional cycling, in a country where it is men who dictate the laws on women’s lives and how they must behave and dress.
But even in the rest of the world, where the general view of cycling is mainly about sweat, fatigue and tight (uncomfortable) Lycra outfits, it is good to show how bicycling can be a carefree, cheerful and liberating activity.
The initiative aims to
enhance the visibility of women on the saddle, as well as in the society and in life. It’s an encouragement to be independent in getting about within city centres that are finally designed even for them.
Since the first edition, this feminine bicycle ride has been replicated in numerous cities to give other women a chance to feel comfortable bicycling through the streets, without restrictions or impositions, free, safe and aware.

The event has a few simple rules, a kind of dress code for instant identification: be “fancy”, in other words colourful, flashy and creative; bring a friend; decorate your bicycle; accept to pose for photographers; greet passers-by with a simile during the bike ride. In the words of Pinar Pinzuti, international coordinator of the Fancy Women Bike Ride: Ladies, make yourselves visible on your bicycle, because you will be an inspiration for other women to leave the car and choose the bike

Beautiful, peaceful, colourful and inclusive initiatives such as this, can only be welcomed with a positive reaction from the public, whatever their age or gender. Because equality, protection and safety on the roads and on the saddle of a bike are an advantage for everyone. An assumption that may seem obvious, but one that is not taken for granted everywhere in the world. For this reason, it is important that as many women as possible participate in the event on 23rd September in Milan and in all the other participating cities.

Because to make yourself heard, you’ve got to be seen… in brief, you have to get on your bike! Come on! The Fancy Women Bike Ride 2018 is waiting for you!

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