The golden rules to make a cyclotourist happy on holiday!

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The golden rules to make a cyclotourist happy on holiday!
April 2017

Have you ever thought about an escape from your daily routine?
To take your family somewhere, even for just a few days, and leave all stress behind?

A nice bike ride could do the job! Stress will be relieved, your mind can find its balance and your body can breathe in some fresh air. So why not kill two birds with one stone and have a nice family weekend on two wheels? For some years now, more and more hotels have chosen to meet cyclists’ needs – because bike lovers are friendly and open to new things; they are demanding, but also loyal to those who know how to win them over.

This is what Bike Hotels do; they choose to improve and renovate their facilities to provide greater comfort for cyclists. And, in turn, cyclists choose these facilities rather than traditional hotels, making them increasingly known for their quality.

To succeed in their effort, Bike Hotels provide services that set them apart from other hotels and make sure that families that travel by bike will feel completely comfortable:

  1. first of all, they are not too strict on meal times. If you are travelling by bike with young kids, you know that it’s almost impossible to know exactly when you are going to leave and arrive; it all depends on the speed of the slowest, so it is likely that you will not be there on time for the main meals. Bike Hotels are ready to open their kitchen even at dawn for early risers, or alternatively prepare take-away meals for those who are getting up early or plan to return late;

  2. they know the local area well, so they can tell the best routes for bike lovers of all ages, and provide plenty of material (maps, gps and possibly fully equipped bikes) that will also help families with young children;

  3. they have a bike maintenance workshop. Sometimes a few, essential tools can be enough, such as Allen keys, pumps and spare air chambers; other times, you will also need stands and equipment to fix your brakes. The important thing is that you can put your bike back on the road for the next ride as soon as possible;

  4. they offer a quick and efficient laundry service, because when you ride you definitely sweat and, sometimes, you get dirty as well. So even if you’re travelling with your whole family, you won’t need to pack huge suitcases with lots of extra clothes: you can just wash everything on the spot and have it ready the next morning;

  5. last but not least, bikes are allowed in your room. It may sound like an odd offer, but actually all cyclists, from the youngest to the oldest, love their bikes and want to be sure that they will find them unharmed the next morning. However, if the room is too crowded with adults and kids, the bike hotel will surely have a safe place for bikes alone.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful weekend on two wheels, you will need to bring along everything you need to make sure you won’t turn it all into a nasty experience.

For cyclotourists who travel with their family, Selle Royal recommends a full kit with the Scientia saddle that best suits your body (according to your riding position and the distance between your sit bones), including a bag that you can hook to the back of the saddle with the Integrated Clip System, and a Memory Foam saddle cover that provides immediate comfort over short distances by offering an alternative padding compared to traditional saddles.

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