How to choose the perfect bike - for her

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How to choose the perfect bike - for her
March 2018

Comfortable, practical and easy to use: whether it’s for short or for long trips, more and more women are now using their bicycle for a variety of purposes - to get around town or to go to work, for leisure, to take their kids to school or to keep fit. There are endless ways to use this vehicle, and while riding a bike with high heels or skirts may not be the cosiest thing you think of, women don’t see it as an impediment.

However, we need to make something clear: women's bodies are different from those of men, which is why you need to pick a bike that fits you properly. There is no “right” bike; each person has different needs, which will make a bike more or less suitable than the other. But often times, people don’t consider this type of detail when they pick their bikes, and some women end up riding bikes that are not suitable for them, making them work harder than they should or, worse, creating postural problems if they don’t use their vehicle properly over time.

More specifically, women usually have longer arms and a longer  femur, while their feet and hands are smaller; also, their hips are wider. These differences may seem unimportant when choosing a bike, but women’s greater Q angle between the femur and the tibia actually affects the shape of the frame, which is why some women’s bikes have a sloping down tube, for example.

Even the size of the handlebar should be determined according to women’s shoulder width: the narrower they are, the shorter the handlebar should be to ensure the right level of stability.
The same goes for gear shifters and brake levers, which should fit smaller hands; if the levers are too big, they may not be able to brake promptly when necessary.

Finally, comfort is also an important factor; to feel comfortable even during challenging rides, a woman’s saddle should be different from a man’s, because the distance between seat bones is usually greater in women.

The scientific research conducted to develop the Scientia saddle has made it possible to reach a higher level of accuracy in creating the perfect bike saddle for each person. As a result, saddles are no longer picked from general male or female styles; the choice is only based on the distance between seat bones, regardless of genders. With Scientia, every woman can pick the saddle that fits her just right.

A bicycle can be a lifelong travel buddy: from the tricycle, which teaches us to move the pedals, through to our first bike without training wheels and our final, carefully picked bicycle, each one is a symbol of an achievement that we will cherish forever.

So, after giving you these tips that you should always keep in mind before getting on a bike, we wish a nice bike ride to all grandmothers, mothers, ladies and young girls worldwide. And most importantly, Happy Women's Day!

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