How fun is it to go to school? It all depends on how you get there!

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How fun is it to go to school? It all depends on how you get there!
May 2017

We teach our kids how to behave every day. As they start to speak and interact with the world around them, we try to prepare them to deal with everyday life as respectfully as they can – that is, with respect for other people’s rules, and for the environment around them.

Our future depends on them and the choices they will make as soon as they replace us in the working world. So we should set a good example with projects that help increase their civic sense. In a time when sharing has become so commonplace, a European project has been developed that brings together road safety education for the youngest and respect for the environment and health: the Bicibus, or Bikebus.

With different rules depending on each country, the Bikebus makes it possible for kids of different ages to go to school in small biking groups, following a predetermined route, with stops and terminals, as well as specific departure and arrival times.

In Italy, the project involves a number of volunteer parents, who accompany small groups of children and teenagers along the routes created by each municipality and specifically dedicated to the Bikebus – which are usually not longer than 3 to 4 kilometres. Other European countries, such as the Netherlands and Germany, went even further and created a four-wheel multi-rider bike that allows children to ride together – some sort of a very long tandem bike in which everyone helps out to reach the final destination. An adult will drive, and eight children pedal behind him or her to get to school.

The manufacturers of this long bicycle have thought about everything; including the fact that some slopes could be hard to ride on for untrained riders, so each Bikebus comes with an electric motor to add the right boost before a steep climb.

Happy to support cyclists of all ages, Selle Royal has drawn up a short list to help children learn the rules of the road: on the back of each package of SR Kids saddles, as well as on the dedicated section of the website, you will find a fun character – Mr Roy – who will give children some tips on how ride a bike safely around town. Every kid can help expand this list by making up and drawing their own rule. In addition, by sending their drawing, they may also receive their own safety jacket as a gift!

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