How to make a bicycle lover happy

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How to make a bicycle lover happy
November 2016


Its under a month away now, Christmas is coming. Have you already got an idea of the gifts you'll be making and receiving? If, as we imagine, you share our passion for two wheeled transport, you'll definitely already know that the bicycle world has been on a continual up over recent years.

For this reason we want to suggest a few original gift ideas for this Christmas. Here's a little list of objects which every bicycle lover would be delighted to find under the Christmas tree.

  • Robert Penn's book It's all About the Bike, an absorbing journey around the bicycle world from design to production. It is a trip across continents and time in search of the origins of the means of transport which, more than any other, has changed man's history described by Penn with great admiration.
  • One of those films which is always a thrill and you might even find a little moving. The Green Bicycle, for example, is the work of the first Saudi Arabian woman director. It is a story which tells of a clever, brave girl who wants a bicycle with every fibre of her being with which to challenge her playground friend and the male world in general. Here bicycles are a means for liberation for the female sex.
  • The Queen CD named Jazz. In it there is a song which more than any other sums up the happiness of cycling. Bicycle Race. An ultra useful gift which will get you in a good mood while perfecting your English!
  • An open plane ticket for any of the great many European cities which are the starting point for Eurovelo tours on this website for bicycle lovers from all over Europe with the most beautiful routes on the old continent.

  • An object which represents you and which you can put on your bicycle to give it an extra personal touch. Perhaps a saddle! Such as one of the saddles in the various TA+TOO series designed by world famous illustrators on a range of themes. Do you feel a little like an explorer of new worlds when you get on your bicycle? Then the TRAVEL series is the one for you.  

You love to zip through the city traffic like a savannah leopard? Then WILD series is ideal for you. You drink in the beauty of the panorama around you at a slow pace even when you're using your bicycle to get to work? Then the LOVE series is the best one for you. Just choose from one of nine models and wait for the 25th of December.

There are definitely a great many other great gift ideas for bicycle lovers: have you got any suggestions?


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