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I love Copenaghen!
November 2016

There is a magical, fairytale place in Northern Europe where every city street, everyday activity and every inhabitant both large and small oozes with Christmas spirit. This place is Copenhagen. The city of Hans Christian Andersen and his famous mermaid truly feels like the world of Father Christmas and the pixies as thousands of stalls packed with delicacies and gifts are lit up by the city centre's bright lights.

Fifteenth century town houses in the greatest variety of colours flank Nyhavn port and are the perfect backdrop to the lively Danish markets packed with tradition and warmth.

Making every corner of the Christmas city accessible is ultra important and this is why Copenhagen has always preferred bicycles to cars. Voted best European city for cycle track quality and length for two consecutive years the Danish capital makes its great many bike sharing points available to all. Bikes for rent all have a tablet attached to the handlebars showing up-to-date maps of the whole city and suggesting the main points of interest and events going on in the area.
Take one and cycle out to the Tivoli gardens, a huge children's park in the city centre which welcomes tourists and local people year round with its attractions and in December becomes an immense fun park filling all those who come with lights and music.

Then head off for Christiania, a small hippie citadel inside the capital, also decorated for the occasion. Get back on the saddle and cycle down to the Strøget pedestrian area and stop to taste Æbleskiver, classic Danish apple fritters.

For a comfortable trip from one end to the other of the city on the cobbled streets of the parks opt for a padded saddle. The RoyalGel in the LookIn Relaxed saddle, for example, is an excellent choice because it absorbs shocks and reduces the pressure on your pelvic bones. Remember that it gets dark early in this area of Northern Europe so a light attached to the saddle is totally indispensable.

Don't worry about the cold in winter! As you cycle around the city Danish hospitality will keep you warm making the capital a true Christmas queen.


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