Innovation and design packed onto two wheels!

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Innovation and design packed onto two wheels!
July 2018

Beauty has always had an important role in human life. The non-stop search for an aesthetic harmony that is able to lift the spirit can be seen as a deep-seated need and not just simple whimsy.
We are all, although at times unaware, programmed to favour the things that kindle positive emotions within us, thanks to sleekness of line, pleasant colour combination or an underlying delicacy.
It's the magic of beauty that is everywhere. It’s in people, nature, in cities, objects and… yes, even in bicycles.

When it comes to two wheels, “beauty” is a concept that goes hand-in-hand with innovation and technological development that is at the complete service of riders. In a word: e-bike. As we already said, aesthetics is important, but it is not enough on its own. USB ports on the frame, fingerprint activation of the bike and battery life out of science fiction… These are some of the most beautiful and innovative e-bikes on the market.


Source: Gi Fly Bike and Leaos Solar Bike

The Gi Fly Bike is an e-bike model made exclusively in recycled materials, equipped with USB ports that allow smartphones or other devices to be charged while you ride: a perfect example of technological innovation (not an end in itself) that is able to unite energy saving and convenience. After just four hours of charging, this bike has an autonomy of around 65 miles. Furthermore, it can be folded and transported without any difficulty.
Leaos Solar Bikeis a bike with unique and surprising lines. It can be charged with solar panels with its battery level and speed indicated on the dashboard.
It is the eco-sustainable concept that makes both bikes unique to ride.

Finally, in the context of cutting-edge technology, it is time for the Vanmoof Electrified S, the e-bike that can be shut down or be activated simply by using your fingerprint. It is all thanks to an app that, apart from these functions, manages the updates and the GPS. This gem takes 6 hours to charge, after which, it can travel as much as 115 kilometres.

With these splendid e-bikes, choosing components that ensure maximum functionality without compromising anything in the way of looks is important. The saddle, for example, in terms of beauty and comfort plays a truly important role.
Take a model such as the
Lookin 3D, a captivating, minimal design saddle, it is a perfect component for the sleek, flat design of the e-bikes. The saddle has a window on the top to reveal the innovative 3D Skingel technology and is coated on the sides with Superfabric® that gives excellent protection from scratching and abrasions.
Thanks to its minimal and daring design, this model has already conquered many of the modern e-bikes from cutting-edge brands.

The eZone by Selle Royal should not be overlooked either, the first specially designed saddle for e-bikes, a perfect example of how a modern and captivating aesthetic can also be functional and bring improved saddle performance to the e-bike. Its design has, in fact, been specially studied together with the experts at Designworks to guarantee comfort, better safety and control.

In brief: it is pointless having a bike with top design and the latest technology if the elements that make it practical and comfortable are not up to the job. In this light both the eZone and the Lookin 3D are ideal choices for bikes with sleek modern and elegant lines.

Bicycling is an activity that puts you in touch with everything that brings satisfaction: physical activity, putting yourself to the test, nature, landscape, roads, cities and people. But more than all this too. As we have seen, the bicycles themselves can provoke strong emotions with their captivating lines and surprising accessories. All of this adds further pleasure to something that is already beautiful; making this fantastic mode of transport the best vehicle for going anywhere, not just with ones’ senses but also with the spirit.
And then we wonder, why do we choose a bicycle?



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