It's spring: the right time to explore new routes with Selle Royal

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It's spring: the right time to explore new routes with Selle Royal
March 2018

March 20th is an important day, as it coincides with spring equinox. The length of day and night is nearly the same, and winter is finally over.
The warm season that starts on this day is a slow, progressive awakening, something like a new start. It’s blooming time for plants, it’s the end of hibernation for some animal species and, for those who love nature and cycling, it’s the perfect time to try something new that they had never experienced before: an adventurous journey, an ambitious ride, an evocative path.

Tired of your trips just out of town, small cycle paths and the same old roads? Great. Then this is the right time to test yourself with  something different!

The first route that Selle Royal is inviting you to discover is the Toblino, Santa Massenza and Cavedine Lakes tour, in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige. Of course it won’t be a gruelling Tour de France stage, but it’s the perfect choice for an amateur rider who loves exploration more than hard work.

This tour around the lakes is quite easy to cycle along: it covers about fifty kilometres and alternates cycle paths, roads and dirt paths that wind through rural fields and cross some of the most beautiful areas in this spectacular Italian mountainous region. The slopes are never too steep, so this path is accessible to anyone.

Like every time you go for a bike ride, we recommend that first of all you check your headset, spokes, brakes, gears and tyre pressure. Making sure that everything is in good working order will help you feel more comfortable when facing an unfamiliar path. To feel even more comfortable, you may want to put in your bag everything you need for any repairs along the way, as well suitable clothing for all weather conditions; leaving something behind could turn a beautiful day into a trip you want to forget.

If you leave Arco and follow the cycle path that runs along the river Sarca, you will soon find yourself riding on gentle climbs and country roads until you reach the Valley of the Lakes, surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and orchards as far as the eye can see. Once you have passed the lake of Cavedine and crossed the towns of Pergolese and Sarche, you will get to ride along Lake Toblino until you reach the bridge that connects it to Lake Santa Massenza, a small basin of glacial origin. If you continue towards Passo S. Uldarico, you will find a fun descent leading up to the medieval castle of Drena, which dominates the valley of Sarca and reveals the famous “Marocche di Dro”, a huge expanse of large white and grey rocks that were formed more than 200,000 years ago after the ice age and now give the landscape a moon-like appearance.

It is a very impressive route to reach the shores of the three lakes, to immerse yourself in nature, to face the road more confidently with each pedal stroke, to breathe in the clean air of the valley, to go from simple to trickier surfaces and to discover a path you had never seen before.

Then of course you can stop along the way to take some pictures with your smartphone and capture the best moments or the most charming places, such as the castle of Toblino, which stands on a small island in the middle of the lake, or the turquoise waters of Lake Cavedine, with beautiful mountains reflected in it, or the dinosaur fossils in Sarca Valley.
Perhaps then you will post them on that social account that you never use, of which you can hardly remember the password, and you will wow your colleagues. Perhaps they will say it’s not like you.

After all, with this freshness in the air, something new may be just around the corner, after the next bend or the next climb.
Selle Royal knows it well, which is why we want to help you find new places, new roads, new horizons. Don’t know where to start? Fear not: Selle Royal will help you get on the right track! Starting today, Selle Royal is publishing a new section once a month, to give you some tips and advice on the best itineraries and paths according to the season or based on special events.

The lake tour will be just the beginning. Deciding where to go is no longer a problem: all you have to do is get on your bike and make your wheels roll! Because when you feel like riding, there is always a new goal to reach.




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