It’s time for holidays, but your bike gets no time off

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It’s time for holidays, but your bike gets no time off
August 2020

Alarm; shower; coffee; traffic; work; break; work; home. One more time...
It’s summertime and after about a year, the routine that sets the pace of our everyday life finally gets interrupted. The time has come to go on vacation. Whether you're headed to the seaside, to the mountains, to a European city or a lake, now you get to dedicate some time to yourself. All those tedious aspects of working life are put on hold, and there’s more time for things related to the concept of wellness, such as cycling. Cycling enthusiasts certainly don’t consider their bicycle as something to turn off for two weeks, like their company smartphone. Oh no, they can’t wait to have more time to spend on their passion.

Being able to cycle even on vacation lets you best experience your chosen destination. Your bike lets you reach new areas and explore new places, shortcuts and panoramas you would never be able to visit on foot or by car. Biking is also an excellent way to meet new people: when on vacation, it’s easy to find people to join up on outings or for simple rides along the beach. This can be a way to create new friendships and do something totally unexpected on holiday, perhaps discovering routes or trails you would have never even considered on your own.
And, to add a touch of colour, sun lovers will be glad to know that bike riding is an easy way to get a tan. However, don’t go overboard: don't head out during the hottest hours and remember your sunscreen!

If you don’t want to give up cycling while on holiday, you can rent a bicycle at your destination or bring your bike from home. More and more tourist destinations offer rental services, but if you just have to have your own, there are several ways to take it along with you:

By car
Bike racks
hook on to your car’s roof rack or can be onto the rear of the car. There is a specific solution for every type of car.
Bike racks start at €45, while top models can cost up to €200. A bike rack can be a good investment for people who often use their bike on holiday.

By train
It’s fairly simple to transport your bicycle by train in Italy. A single bicycle (disassembled and contained in a bag) can be transported free in the luggage space for train lines within Italy. The bag or folded bicycle must not exceed 80 x 110 x 40 cm.
For international train lines, it is recommended you book a space for your bike before departure.

By ship
Just like trains, many ship lines also offer free bike transportation, provided it is dismantled and contained in a bag. However, this option may not be very practical when having to manoeuvre through the stairways and narrow passages on board. To avoid problems, pay a supplement and load the bike whole and not disassembled. Rates vary depending on the company.

By plane
This is surely the most expensive and complex option. Every airline has different rules and rates for this special transport. It can cost on average from €50 euro for domestic or European flights, up to €200 for intercontinental routes. Again, the bicycle must be disassembled and placed in a special bag.

Plus, if your vacation spot has no cycle shops or does not offer tools for bicycle maintenance, you will have to bring your own tools for repairs. But, you don’t need to take along the contents of your entire tool kit! All you need are the tools necessary to deal with small incidents, like punctures. Portable kits are available for these sorts of situations, composed of tools such as: Allen keys (4, 5 and 6), spanners (8, 9 and 10), glue, patches, sandpaper, levers for tires and a pump.
You also need to bring along your usual cycling clothing and accessories, indispensable for safe cycling.

So, having said that, it’s time to pack your suitcase, lock up the house and head out, with the happy prospect of leaving behind all the more tedious aspects of everyday life--at least for a little while. Fun times, like biking, await. Because passion never goes on holiday.

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