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Roads are for everyone – respect each other!

The road is for everyone to use and share – no vehicle is ‘in charge’! To share the roads we must all respect each other and look out for the safety of others around us as well as ourselves.

Use cycle paths and bike lanes, the safe choice.

Always use dedicated cycle lanes and paths. They keep you away from motorized road traffic, the safe choice. When the bike path or lane starts and finishes, take extra care to look – and be seen!

Learn the rules and signals of the road.

Learn the rules of the road – things like what signs and lines mean, and when and how to look and signal. They help everyone to enjoy the roads in safety.

Be bright – make yourself easy to see!

The more you can be seen, the safer you’ll be! Bike lights and bright, fluorescent or reflective clothing or stickers really help (in some countries, the law says you must use lights or high-vis clothing).

Always wear a fitted helmet that lets you hear and see well.

A helmet protects the most important part of your body – your head! It must be a snug and comfortable fit with the strap fastened securely, and your ears must be free to hear clearly.

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