Katy Perry adorned by Selle Royal

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Katy Perry adorned by Selle Royal
December 2015

Katy Perry is known to her fans as a lover of cycling, and can even be seen from time to time pedalling the streets of New York City. Hip Dutch bicycle brand Cortina has released a bike inspired by the Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour – and Selle Royal was invited to be a part of the collaboration.

The result is a bike that represents the exuberant spirit of Katy Perry, the dynamic character of Cortina, and the comfort and design soul of Selle Royal.  

Adorned with the same pastel geometric shapes of the Prismatic Tour, the classic Dutch-style bike is further dressed with flamed fenders, gold rims, and a magenta front luggage rack. And, to complete the look, a Selle Royal Gipsy in faux white snake leather of course.

Made in a limited edition of 5 pieces, one of which has already gone to the singer. The remaining 4 could be won in a contest via the Cortina website. 

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