Kids and bikes: Biking season starts in May!

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Kids and bikes: Biking season starts in May!
May 2018

To keep our kids safe throughout their lives, it’s important we teach them how to behave appropriately in any situation. When it comes to protecting the environment, mobility is a crucial issue, and one of today’s challenges is how to get around while minimizing harmful emissions. Widespread use of the bicycle as a principal means of transport would solve many problems.
This is why initiatives promoting children’s bicycle use are both right and important.

In the United States, Bike to School Day is the most important event of this type. The first edition was held on 9 May 2012 in conjunction with the League of American Bicyclists’ National Bike Month. A thousand local events were held in 49 states with a single goal: to encourage children to ride safely to school, leaving the car and other polluting vehicles at home.
Similar initiatives are also being held in Italy. One of these is Bimbimbici, a national campaign conceived and promoted by FIAB - Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta (Italian Federation of Bicycle Friends) to encourage bicycle use among young and very young children.

What is Bimbimbici?
It’s a fun bike ride through town and city streets, held every year in the month of May on the national day of the bicycle. The event hopes to draw attention to the issue of health and safety, especially for our youngest citizens in their daily commutes. At the same time, this group ride aims to stimulate a broader debate on the need for green areas and cycle paths in urban centres, essential to improve liveability.

This year, the event will be held on Sunday 13 May with a superhero theme because bike riders have powers like those of our comic book heroes: they only want the good of their fellow humans!

Safety plays a key role in both these initiatives. This particularly sensitive topic requires great attention and is the focus of both events scheduled in May; an essential element whenever we get on our bicycles, especially for children.

So, Selle Royal has created an educational project for young cyclists "Enjoy your bike in safety with Mr. Roy” in collaboration with ECF and FIAB.
Mr. Roy is a lovely mascot, conceived and designed by illustrator Ale Giorgini, who identifies and exemplifies the most important rules we need to respect to cycle in a safe and intelligent manner. This unique teacher shares indispensable bike riding concepts in a fun and simple way. Kids can also send in a drawing with their suggestions on how to ride safely.

In addition to this fun project, Selle Royal also focusses on our youngest cyclists with our Kids Range: four saddles guaranteeing comfort for children riding bikes measuring 12" to 24".
With all these initiatives, projects and products designed for children, all that’s left is for them to have fun… on their bikes!

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