At last, reindeer can relax: Santa Claus is coming on a Fatbike!

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At last, reindeer can relax: Santa Claus is coming on a Fatbike!
December 2017

At Christmas time we are all better people, aren’t we?
So let's face it, to force those poor little creatures to a grueling feat of strength on Christmas Eve night… is so not in the Christmas spirit. We suggest that Santa
gives the first gift of the year to himself: a shiny new Fatbike.
These peculiar bicycles with “fat” tires have been around for more than ten years now, and we can say that they are entitled to have an absolutely unique space in the area of off-road bikes. But perhaps not everyone knows their most peculiar features, so we’ll take this opportunity to go over them briefly.

Fatbikes first appeared in the late 1980s, when the owner of a small company in Alaska who needed to move easily on the snow decided to fit double-walled tires on a mountain bike. Almost simultaneously, somewhere around New Mexico, someone was developing the same idea to ride on desert dunes. These unique bikes are not so different from mount bikes after all: the only detail that differentiates them is the tires, much wider than the traditional ones (almost 29’’) and without air chamber. For this reason, even forks that keep them anchored to the bike are designed with a greater spacing. But why should Santa use them instead of his trusty reindeer?

That’s easy to say: if we consider that to reach every point of the globe he will necessarily have to go through snow, sand, rain, mud and who knows what other kind of surface, the ideal solution is that he finds a means of transport capable of tackling any roughness with ease. The size of Fatbike tires and their lower pressure were specifically designed for greater grip on rough terrain or in particular weather conditions, making it easier to control your bike. In addition, the low pressure of these giant tires increases the rubber's surface area, allowing the rider to feel as if he could almost float along the way. This translates into several positive sides: makes pedaling less tiring, minimises the risk of falling, provides greater comfort even over long distances, and makes it easier to ride even for beginners.

We should also add that, although it may not seem like it, Fatbikes are not heavier to ride than a traditional bike, as their tires are filled with air. Also, the shock-absorbing effect that they provide independently allows for lighter front and rear suspension. Of course he won’t reach high speeds but, after all, if you’re riding through the snow or in the desert…what's the hurry?

So Santa will only need to start his trip a little earlier than usual, and that's it! And if riding for so long was just too challenging, he could opt for electric Fatbikes, which have been increasingly gaining ground in recent years. The pedal-assist unit would help him tackle any obstacles easily by providing extra propulsion, while a particularly comfortable saddle would allow him to ride in total comfort and relaxation. And there’s also plenty of room for gifts. These mountain bikes can be loaded with packages using either their side bags or front and rear racks.

In short, there are no excuses: this year, Santa’s reindeer will finally take a well-deserved vacation!


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