Look mum, no hands! How to teach your children to ride a bike?

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Look mum, no hands! How to teach your children to ride a bike?
June 2017

In everyone's life, sooner or later the time arrives to face a challenge. It is the exact moment when we are no longer considered “toddlers” and step into the fabulous world of “kids”, those fascinating human beings who know how to do unthinkable things according to those who are just learning to be independent at last. Things such as going to sleep on their own, holding the dog's leash, not using a booster seat on every chair and, above all…taking the stabilisers off their bike!

We cannot consider it a triviality: instead, it is a kind of transition, an essential point of no return for children's self-esteem. There is no exact age for doing this, just the desire to grow up, so it is important not to push these steps. How can this moment be faced without any shocks (possible of no type at all)? Every family approaches it in the most supportive way, some with more immediate results and others with tremendous effort and endeavour, however, there is just one thing to remember for everyone: there is no point of return.


  1. The first thing to do is immediately remove any child seats fitted to the back of mum and dad's bike, as they are a tremendous temptation after grazing your knee for the first time.

  2. Choose an approved helmet and perhaps even some soft knee supports so that the first inevitable fall will not be an insurmountable shock.

  3. Position the saddle at the right height. The first thing your child will do if feeling insecure is to put his/her feet on the ground, so it is better for the child to be able to completely touch the ground with the balls of the feet.

  4. Check that the brakes are working correctly but are not too tight. It will be difficult for novices to resist braking suddenly but the risk is that the front brake pad will block, making the rear one suddenly rise.

  5. Make children aware of the importance of the experience they are going to have: they will grow up and soon be able to do an increasing number of things on their own, so do not underestimate them! Let's involve them, allowing them to decide what their new bike will be like. You could let them choose the colour of the helmet, the sound of the bell, the lights to attach under the saddle, and even the saddle itself.

  6. Aware that young amateur cyclists also have their own needs and personal tastes, Selle Royal has chosen to create a range of saddles and accessories specifically for children: the Kids range. It is a range of entirely hand-made saddles padded with Foam Matrix, a foam that ensures the right level of comfort for those who start riding for the first time, since it absorbs all impact and vibrations. Lights and a saddle bag can also be attached to it, giving a personal touch to their first “racer” bike!

Having said this, parents need to have plenty of patience and a whole lot of love, prepare themselves to be bent over the child for at least an hour, console when any tears of frustration may appear and show great enthusiasm when the child manages to do a complete revolution with the pedals without anyone's help.



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