The magic of Flanders

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The magic of Flanders
July 2016

If you think that the Netherlands is the most bicycle friendly part of Europe, then you likely haven't been to Flanders.
Even in these parts, the bicycle is featured as a means of transport, for leisure or to keep fit.
And it shows, not only by the number of cyclists, but also by the attention that make those who love being on two wheels really feel at home.
Cycling tourists who choose this lovely region in the North of Belgium as a destination will certainly be surprised by the number of dedicated structures and bike paths, in addition to the area's enchanting beauty.

Among charming historic towns and countrysides rich with their postcard-worthy views, the choice is truly difficult. Why not enjoy them both by bike?
After discovering the green and multi-ethnic city of Brussels, why not enter the flatland that surrounds it, with country houses, well-kept streets and the quiet smile of those who live unhurried lives?

After being immersed in the streets that line the many canals of Ghent, why not follow one that leads out of town to admire delightful abodes surrounded by centuries-old parks?
After admiring the historic alleys of romantic Bruges, why not step away from such beauty to discover that made of the forests and ancient castles of the land that surrounds it?
Why not enjoy all three cities, alternating their historic beauty with that natural of lovely Belgian flatlands, loosely following the rich system of bike paths that connect them?
There are so many paths that you might be reading for hours if we were to advise you on which ones to take.
We instead suggest that you create your own customized itinerary and experience the journey to the fullest on one of our Scientia saddles.
After all, the principle behind their creation is the same: to adapt to the characteristics of each individual cyclist to offer a unique experience of well being.
Just like the discovery of Flanders on two wheels.

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