In May, Selle Royal on Track takes you along the river of the poets

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In May, Selle Royal on Track takes you along the river of the poets
May 2018

There are few things in the world as beautiful as a sunny day. And if the blue sky and pleasant temperature is paired with the pleasure of a ride in nature, you can be sure an unforgettable day is in the forecast.
After exploring
the Ecovia Litoral in the warmth of April, our next two-wheeled trek will take us on a tour to discover the natural German southwestern region that used to be called Swabia: Baden-Württemberg.

This area is home to the Neckar, an unusual river that starts in a swamp and flows into the Rhine. One of Germany’s longest cycle paths follows its banks, running 357 kilometres from the town of Villingen-Schwenningen, where the journey begins, to Mannheim, where it ends.
The route follows the course of the river, sometimes along its banks and sometimes crossing cultivated fields and natural reserves. It explores a part of Germany with an important past. The first town we visit is Rottweil, an important settlement nestled on a rocky spur in the Black Forest that was established by the Romans in 73 AD. It is one of the oldest cities in the region.
A little further on, still following the river, we reach
Tubingen, a lively medieval university town. As we follow the cycle path, we’re enchanted by the picturesque buildings overlooking the river whose eye-catching coloured façades contrast with their window shutters.

Here, the cycle path turns north along paved roads that alternate with gravel trails, leading to Stuttgart, one of Germany’s largest cities where cyclists find themselves projected into the 21st century.
The city’s modern architecture alternates with older buildings and large green spaces where bikes are always welcome. The city is very bicycle friendly, offering many resources for cycling in the city: cycling paths, dedicated areas, secure rest and parking areas, and limited traffic areas specially designed for cyclists of all ages.

As we leave Stuttgart, we once again travel through imposing vineyards and past majestic castles on the road to Heidelberg. Here, we can’t resist stopping to enjoy a good glass of wine and visit the castle and the old town, the true heart of German Romanticism.
At last, we arrive in Manheim, the last stage of the Neckar bike path. This is the city where Karl Drais created and then rode the world’s first bicycle, the
draisine, in 1817.

By this point, we have easily ridden through the German cities that were home to some of Germany’s most influential romantic poets, like Holderlin, Uhland and Schiller. The Neckar cycle path is almost completely flat, with a few short climbs and long runs through greenery and wooded areas. So, it’s good for the whole family, even with small children in trailers.
The best time to explore Swabia is between April and September when it’s never too hot and the sun creates wonderful colours and fragrances along the entire trail.

If you enjoy cycling green areas, this is the ideal route for you. Learn more about how to organize your cycling holiday at

Selle Royal on Track will see you next month with a new suggestion for your cycling holidays.

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