Meet Europe's new bike capital: London appoints the first Cycling Commissioner

Meet Europe's new bike capital: London appoints the first Cycling Commissioner
February 2017

Will Norman cycles in London every day. Like thousands of other residents of the most cosmopolitan capital in the Old Continent, he sneaks into the morning traffic, zigzagging between long lines of cars over the Tower Bridge, and then he turns towards the small alleys in Southwark, where the chaos diminishes until it disappears, and finally he ends up sipping a warm drink in front of a table in a Café.

For some months now, he gets back on his bike and heads for the City Hall. Inside that impressive glass building overlooking the Thames, he's awaited by Sadiq Khan, London's new mayor who said he would spend £ 770 million - € 915 million - on initiatives for cyclists and pedestrians over the next six years. The Mayor's first move to improve the quality of the environment in which his citizens live every day, was to find the right person to manage such a substantial fund and make cycling and walking around the city easier and safer.

He needed someone who knew the city very well, someone who had experienced the city's "slower" urban component and shared his idea of a more active, healthier way of life. He needed someone who knew people's habits and what makes them choose the vehicle they use to move; this person would become the new Walking and Cycling Commissioner.

Will Norman holds a PhD in Anthropology, so he has a deep understanding of people and their attitude towards society. He runs a multinational company, in which he's currently conducting a programme that promotes physical activity as a global political priority, working with the UN, the European Parliament and the Olympic Committee. But above all, Will Norman is a cyclist.

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