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Friends for life, but everyone has their own saddle!

Great friendships sometimes develop by chance and last a lifetime...
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Cycling Meets Art to Create Cycling Masterpieces

Some use their bicycle to move faster in town, some to enjoy life outdoors, some to help reduce pollution, and some because they think it's a great way to keep fit easily...
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Artistic cycling: when cycling becomes a dance

The word “art” has always defined all the activities aimed at expressing and bringing out human talent in all its forms.
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Fitness and wellbeing: back in shape on two wheels

How many times did you think that you needed to get back in shape...






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Ten tips for your safety on a bike

Riding a bike has a special charm offering many small pleasant sensations
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Look mum, no hands! How to teach your children to ride a bike?

In everyone's life, sooner or later the time arrives to face a challenge.
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How fun is it to go to school? It all depends on how you get there!

We teach our kids how to behave every day.
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The golden rules to make a cyclotourist happy on holiday!

Have you ever thought about an escape from your daily routine?