One family, two e-bikes and two eZone: travelling with Ermanno to explore Canada

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One family, two e-bikes and two eZone: travelling with Ermanno to explore Canada
September 2017

The Zambon family is one that likes to travel when possible: they choose a destination, plan all the details and allocate a budget required for the trip. Up to this point there is nothing new in this. It is what most people who love travelling normally do. But Roberto, Maddalena and little Sebastiano have something different. They travel in Ermanno, a Fiat 238 minivan that has been running on LPG since 1980, “adopting” it so that they can continue to see the world even after the birth of their child. Ermanno has become such a part of the family that, when the Zambons decided to leave for Canada in July, they didn't think even twice about leaving it at home! They put it on a ship and went to pick it up in Halifax to begin their journey in it across the land of the Great Lakes, for an experience that they called #RoadtoCanada.
This project, supported and sponsored by Selle Royal, has become the protagonist of the blog entitled “Travelling with Ermanno”, which Roberto updates continuously and will soon also become an on-the-road travel documentary.

In addition to Ermanno, Roberto and Maddalena took two e-bikes with them that they received as a gift for the birth of Sebastiano, with whom they were able to reach even the most inaccessible corners in the minivan. Without their e-bikes it would have been impossible to tackle the long and sometimes tiring stretches of road through woods and it would have been a challenge to easily move around cities. With this eco-friendly means of transport they were able to park where they wanted and continue their journey on bikes in an easy, practical and quick manner, which otherwise would not have been possible.
Selle Royal made their pedalling even more comfortable by giving them two versions of the new
eZone saddle, specifically designed for e-bikes, which our travellers were the first to officially use!

Along the 3,000 kilometres of the TransCanada Highway to Toronto covered by Ermanno, the trio had the opportunity to admire the breath-taking views of an immense and fascinating country. For example, when, on their e-bikes, they visited the Fundy Trail, near the famous Bay of Fundy, a few kilometres east of the city of Saint John.

The Fundy Trail Parkway is a scenic route with amazing views of the cliffs, beaches and bay below. After getting on their e-bikes and attaching the child trailer for Sebastiano, they set off along the uneven path and pedalled for many kilometres until they reached a spot to stop for a picnic lunch.
Thanks to the eZone saddle and the
3D Skingel of which it is made, Roberto and Maddalena travelled comfortably, reducing the pressure peaks of the saddle on the ischiatic bones. The flexible tabs on the saddle also allowed them to tackle routes that were sometimes tough without worrying about losing stability.
In places like the Fundy Trail Park, nature is an imposing and constant presence: expanses of trees as far as the eye can see, a deep silence, a vast ocean, the sky full of white clouds in the strangest of shapes, fog that rises over headlands and slowly slips away: everything contributed to the charm of the journey”, commented Robert.
After enjoying the wonderful scenery of the park, our friends made their way back to Ermanno and travelled the remaining kilometres as far as a deserted beach: no kiosks, no beach umbrellas, no children's slides... nothing, only unspoiled nature!
The awareness of being surrounded by a huge space without boundaries certainly made the trip more appealing. We were, as they say, in the middle of nowhere” continued Roberto.

#Road To Canada could be the first episode of a long series of similar adventures: they would like to set a date for a new trip in 2020. Road To Iceland? Road To Lapland? Who knows, the world is vast and Ermanno, as we saw in Canada, can get to anywhere!

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