Ride safely: give your bike a check-up

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Ride safely: give your bike a check-up
November 2016

If you love moving on two wheels and you use your bike to ride in city traffic, you want everything to smoothly when the wettest season of the year approaches.

There's nothing worse than having a flat tire when we're late for work, or to wander in the dark because your lights won't turn on. If you're planning to use it on a daily basis, you'd better give your bike a little "check-up".

Here are some important details you may want to inspect:

  • Tires: checking tire pressure is very important. If it's too low, you will give your calves a hard time while pedalling; if it's too high, the tires could burst. The standard medium-length pressure to get around town is between 6 and 7 atmospheres, but because it should be adjusted according to your weight and usual pace, we recommend that you click here to find the pressure level that best suits your needs.
  • Brakes: check the pads that act on the wheels; if they are too worn, they will no longer do their job and should be promptly replaced. After replacing them, make sure to power up the cables connecting the brakes to the pads.

  • Chain: to work best, this part should always be clean and well oiled. Do not use grease on the chain, as it would attract dust and mud, which would wear and oxidise its components. Use a dry or wet oil to lubricate each pin on the chain, making sure to remove any excess oil.
  • Lights: check the bulbs, whether they are battery- or dynamo-powered. Don't underrate the importance of this accessory: in some cities, the lack of this simple precaution can cost a hefty fine!

  • Saddle: choose a suitable saddle depending on the type of riding you'll be doing and your cycling posture. For extra comfort, you can consider using a saddle with 3D Skingel padding, the ideal choice because it reduces perineal pressure by more than 40%. For example, the new Optica saddles are padded with 3D Skingel, suitable for everyday use and available in all Selle Royal riding positions (Athletic, Moderate and Relaxed). . 

Did we leave something out?
Help us complete the list to make sure our beloved bikes are always in perfect condition!


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