Riding towards the future on an e-bike, with an eZone saddle

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Riding towards the future on an e-bike, with an eZone saddle
April 2018

Those sad and misty winter days are just a memory now. The bitter cold had to surrender to the glorious coming of a mild, pleasant weather. Greyness and darkness have clocked out - now it's time for bright days, and for nature to show off its most beautiful shades.
Ok, spring has sprung. What now? Well, now it’s time to go out and ride our bike. To have fun, to keep fit, or just to get around town using  your own legs or, as is happening more and more often, with the support of a small electric motor.
Yes, we’re talking about e-bikes, the electric bicycles that have become increasingly common in all European cities and beyond in recent years.

An e-bike is an environmentally friendly, highly efficient vehicle, as 90% of the lithium-ion battery that makes the wheels turn can be recovered with modern recycling processes.
Used to save some effort when you ride in town, whether it’s to get to work or just to wander around town, an e-bike provides unprecedented freedom of movement. Electric bikes were initially used to overcome physical limitations due to health and age, making exercise easier for everyone, which is why they were even recommended as a rehabilitation tool after injuries to the lower limbs, as well as for overweight people. 

Over time, however, this new way of cycling has become increasingly popular even among the youngest, especially those who are more attentive to environmental sustainability, who like the low environmental impact of e-bikes and their comfort, the ability to ride easily on any type of route and, last but not least, the fun that comes with high speed. Now more and more fashionable, this type of bike is made for all needs, opening up to the world of e-sporting and e-trekking with different types of products: 

  • urban e-bikes, such as city e-bikes - they are perfect to go to work or, more generally, to ride on bike paths or paved roads without too much effort thanks to the pedal assist mode;

  • trekking e-bikes - they are great for out-of-town trips and longer distances, which require greater battery life in terms of both duration and top speed;

  • folding e-bikes - perfect for short trips in town, they are easy to carry by hand and provide the option to remove the battery for off-bike charging;

  • e-mtb (electric mountain bikes), especially created for those who love to travel many miles and reach difficult places to get to. Actually, an electric motor-assisted mountain bike does not completely eliminate the effort of climbing a slope, but it allows beginners to approach this type of sport without fear and enables experienced riders to tackle particularly challenging slopes;

  • cargo e-bikes - suitable for carrying bulky loads, they are often used to carry small children or to deliver heavy packages in town.



While providing significant advantages in everyday use, many types of e-bikes also come with some minor drawbacks, especially due to the sudden forward movement at start and the greater weight of the vehicle.

Designed in collaboration with Designworks, a BMW group branch, the eZone saddle addresses these specific problems by adapting perfectly to all types of ebike. With three flexible wings placed in specific areas of the saddle, eZone provides added safety during acceleration and features the eFit design to prevent backward sliding and aid anyone in mounting their bike. 
To provide the highest level of comfort, eZone is padded with 3D Skingel, a unique tridimensional gel structure that reduces pressure peaks by 40%, and features a convenient handle for carrying your e-bike easily by hand.

So, if the weather is nice and you have an e-bike with a comfortable eZone saddle to support you when you’re tired, there’s no excuses: it's time to go riding!
What are you waiting for?

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