There is strength in unity: Selle Royal and Designworks present eZone, the new seat concept of "born electric"

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There is strength in unity: Selle Royal and Designworks present eZone, the new seat concept of "born electric"
October 2017

Those who love it know to listen, pay attention to the details, see what makes the other happy and strive to make it happen, putting in the passion and all of the tools necessary. This also means finding external help, if it serves to achieve the result. Selle Royal loves what it does, and as such it is constantly attentive to the needs of those who choose its seats and tries to anticipate their needs before they can be seen as something "missing".
Electric mobility has finally become a well-established and appreciated scenario around the globe, not only for its eco-sustainability but also for the increasingly high performance that electric vehicles offer. Selle Royal soon understood how the needs of those who choose e-bikes were different from those who use a traditional bike, and wanted to turn intuition into a reality. To do this, it he turned to someone who studied electrical mobility in many respects, a partner who shares its passion for design as a fusion of functionality and aesthetics: Designworks. The BMW Group company has become the partner of an ambitious project aimed at achieving a unique product, the first saddle specially designed for ebikes.

After an initial phase of creative and research analysis, designers got to work by identifying a user-type group, inviting them to a workshop to study the features and desires as regards comfort when cycling. Their approach was transversal; they did not simply ask the guests to describe their ideal saddle, but first created a series of playful exercises to observe the emotional and instinctive reactions of cyclists. They then started a second phase to identify the features that users look for in an e-bike compared to more traditional bikes, in order to understand how they are used in everyday life, for what situations they are used and for how long.
The combination of the results of the two phases made it possible to understand the relationship that people have with their own bicycle, how they imagine their future on the saddle, what their desires are and what aches and pains they have when they ride, as well as to define the features that they expect from a saddle. The development of the
eZone concept thus broke ground.

After these two phases, it was immediately clear that it would not have been possible to create a product that met all of the expectations, but it was imperative to focus on certain key aspects that could communicate the true innovative power of eZone: the support for acceleration, extraordinary comfort and extreme handling. The result is a product that paves the way for a new category of saddles for ebikes. With three zones with specific shapes and sizes, characterised by flexible wings that improve control, balance and safety, they become the innovative way to communicate the importance of new electrical mobility to cyclists. This "encounter" that, over the course of two years, spanned from the initial concept to eZone's final design, and gave Selle Royal and Designworks the opportunity to demonstrate how a passion for design and love for their work would lead to great results, visible in the smallest of details of this innovative saddle.

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