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October 2018

Some products are timeless. They are evergreens which are redesigned and evolved by designers, engineers and developers to keep them up to date, with the ultimate aim of offering cyclists a reliable saddle that guarantees maximum comfort and strength combined with an appealing design.

The new Ellipse saddle range is the result of a combination of the company’s experience and the expertise of its technical staff who work on this product on a daily basis in order to pinpoint new improved solutions. It was officially presented at Eurobike in July and is now available online in the Comfort section: Comfort.

With its contemporary design and new functions, it offers the ideal solution for cycling enthusiasts in search of optimal comfort.

The new Ellipse has a large central anatomical cut-out, designed to alleviate pressure peaks on the genital and perineal area. The design of the hole is fundamental for providing relief in the central part of the saddle during pedalling, and has become a popular trend in the cycling world.
To avoid overloads in other areas, which could annul the benefit of the cut-out, the saddle must be designed to adapt to the cyclist’s anatomy. Hence the 3D Skingel padding, a system that ensures strategic positioning of the Royalgel™ according to anatomical requirements: this technology guarantees a 40% pressure reduction in both the perineal and ischiatic areas, in addition to reducing the weight of the saddle.

The other great new feature of this product is the Double–Cover Side Protection, a double layer of material applied to the sides of the saddle for dual resistance to bumps and abrasion. This solution, developed by our R&D centre, features two layers of the same material welded together, thus ensuring optimal protection throughout the lateral surface.

The new Ellipse version, like the previous one, is 100% water resistant, thanks to the Royal Vacuum Light (RVL) patented system. The saddles produced using this system are 100% sealed and also 20% lighter than the normal saddles in the same category.

To meet the needs and riding style of every cyclist, the new range is available in four different models according to the riding position: Athletic, Moderate Man, Moderate Woman, Relaxed. In the Moderate and Relaxed versions, elastomers have been added at the back of the saddle for improved impact absorption.

To find out which Ellipse suits you best, first identify your riding position following this simple guide!

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