The six must-haves for a cycle tourist

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The six must-haves for a cycle tourist
June 2016

The summer holidays are just around the corner and surely many of us will have planned a bike trip. Some people like to go it alone, venturing along the most remote routes on earth, whereas others love to cycle along the most beautiful and scenic cycle paths in the world with their family or with friends.
One of the main worries of every cycle tourist is: What shall I take with me?

We thought we would make cycle tourists’ difficult choice easier by suggesting a must- have kit, a set of items that need to be included on a bike trip because they make it complete, safe and unforgettable.

What can we find in a cycle tourist’s must-have kit?

1. SADDLE: to cycle comfortably you need a specific saddle for the requirements of a long route. We are all different and at Selle Royal we try to offer you a wide range of saddles to meet the most diverse needs. Scientia is for those who want an ergonomic saddle that takes into account the riding position and the distance between the ischial bones. This saddle is made according to the physical shape of the cyclist’s body. Respiro Soft not only has 3 different riding positions but also offers maximum comfort thanks to Royalgel™ padding and an air flow area with a central ventilation channel.
The aim is to prevent the discomfort that all cyclists fear they will experience while admiring stunning scenery along the Danube or cycling along the Avenue Verte.

2. HELMET: the second essential item for cyclists is a helmet. This allows you to cycle safely and abide by the laws recently introduced in many countries.

3. WATER BOTTLE: cycling with a supply of water or other energy drinks is essential for taking a break and recharging your body with the resources required to face the ride in the best physical shape.

4. MAP: a bike trip also takes us back to the natural or urban world around us. Therefore, we can forget the devices we usually use in our hectic everyday lives and get ourselves a good map that allows us to follow our route step by step.

5. TRAVEL DIARY: while riding we can stop for a while in the shade of an oak tree to enjoy the scents of nature, or on a street pavement to watch a city on the move. We can observe the world passing by and write down our thoughts that spring to mind on a blank sheet of paper.

6. CAMERA: last but not least. Let’s take our time to appreciate the breathtaking views that we encounter along the ride. We can stop to take photos of anything that catches our eye so that on returning we can retrace the memories of a wonderful cycling holiday thanks to our photos.

And do you cyclists have any tips to give us? Is there any item that you just can’t do without on your rides? Let us know your thoughts…

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