From Skopje to Baku: 2000 km of emotions

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From Skopje to Baku: 2000 km of emotions
October 2016

Leaving for a long trip is always exciting.
Doing it with someone you know and love makes it even more special.
Deciding to saddle up and pedal down for two-thousand kilometers throughout Europe’s lesser-known regions, makes into a unique adventure!
That’s what Blerim and Adrian – a German father and his son with a passion for two wheels – did in May this year as they flew to Skopje, Macedonia, with their bikes. Once there, they set off on a tour made of beauty, sore muscles, engaging encounters and flat wheels, which saw them cycle the first 950 km through Macedonia, the crystal clear waters of Greece and the sunny Mediterranean coasts. It is not easy to go such a long way without the right equipment, which is why father and son chose to ride on Scientia, the most suitable saddle for such a challenging bike tour.

Fatigue, tiredness, and the distance from family and the certainties of everyday life fade away when the charming Istanbul appears before your very eyes!
“Father – Son – Worldtravel” – that’s the name chosen by Adrian and Blerim to describe their experiences around the world – rested in this city for five days, filling their eyes with the majesty of Hagia Sofia, the beauty of the Blue Mosque and the colours of outdoor bazaars.
It would be easy to be seduced to stay in such a welcoming city, but their desire to explore was not quenched!

Hence, father and son took off again towards the second leg of their tour: Georgia, a country where pristine nature creates breathtaking landscapes…
Cycling between the bamboo and banana tree roots dotting the shores of the Black Sea, and through the imposing peaks of the Lesser and the Greater Caucasus, they reached Azerbaijan. They were greeted by a warm, enthusiastic people that, despite being plagued by a difficult political situation, know the real value of hospitality and wouldn’t let them leave without giving them a taste of countless local specialties. Their wheels zigzagged between the buffalos and camels that invaded the streets, while snakes and hyenas watched them cycle by to reach their final destination: the city of Baku.
They used a few days of well deserved rest to enjoy the views of the Caspian Sea, and then they hopped back into their saddles.

But this time, the road was the one that led them back home; after twenty-six days and more than two thousand kilometers, twelve kilos lighter and with an indefinable amount of emotions and memories, our friends got back to everyday life, already planning their future in the saddle.
What will be the next destination?

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