Spring is Coming: the Curtain Rises on Nature

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Spring is Coming: the Curtain Rises on Nature
March 2017

Spring has sprung! The Earth is ready to wake up after a sleepy winter, ready to muster every strength to get going, and ready to embrace some warm sunshine in March. Spring patiently waits until its creatures have regained their strength to give the world a riot of colours, scents, sounds and emotions. In some places, springtime is a show of rare enchantment; one of these is in Italy, in a nook between Verona and Mantua called Parco Giardino Sigurtà.

One of the most beautiful parks in Europe, it reopens its gates every year in March, and has been doing for the last seven centuries to show visitors the wonders of nature awakening, guiding them through a beautiful path surrounded by greenery and brightly coloured blooms.

But there's no set route in these meadows: the great thing about Parco Sigurtà is that it can be explored throughout in complete freedom, on foot or with electrical cars, which are made available to visitors. But the real star of this journey is the bicycle, since a cycle path has been specially created for visitors. There is no better way to discover the hidden paths of this park than on two wheels, admiring all the varieties of flowers that bloom in this season and filling the eyes with incredible emotions.

The early days of March are dominated by millions of tulips, coming in more than three hundred different varieties blooming everywhere as if they wanted to celebrate the many women visiting the park on Women's Day. To soak in the beauty of this wonderful place in complete relaxation, we recommend all the ladies to bring their own bikes, get a map of the park at the entrance, hop in a Rok saddle, designed for all women who love to ride in a relaxed position, and cycle around leisurely.

The Royalgel™ padding inside Rok saddles and its peculiar larger shape - without the typical "nose" of traditional saddles - makes it perfect for a comfortable, relaxing ride amid overwhelming beauty.

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