The story of Fireflies West

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The story of Fireflies West
December 2015

The Worldwide Cycling Atlas continues to focus on those many important initiatives through which people celebrate their passion and dedication for cycling. This dedicated website collects our favourite projects and allows users to add new stories of their own.  The latest initiative featured is the Fireflies project.

The Fireflies project was started in 2001 by the film director Sir Ridley Scott in recognition of the battles fought by relatives and friends with cancer. Run over 1000 km through the Alps to raise money for the Hammersmith Hospital of London, the Fireflies’ motto, “FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER, WE RIDE” is upheld bravely each year by event participants. 

This dedication is shared across the Atlantic, where Fireflies West, for the seventh consecutive year, crossed the coast of California raising funds for City of Hope’s leukemia research centre. 

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