Summer is over: let's get back on track!

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Summer is over: let's get back on track!
October 2016

It felt good to wake up to the sunshine, fling on our clothes and get on our bike, the true star of city streets in the hottest months of the year.
Yet October has arrived with its crisp morning air, while the sun still warms up the early afternoon hours. The city comes back to life, as business and school start again.
Cars take over the streets and jostle for space in rush hours. Only cyclists can move fast through urban chaos, straight and safely to their destination, saving time and soaking up energy with each pedal stroke. Yet autumn is a tricky season; it takes just one more unwanted cloud to cover up the sun and make it rain.
Bike lovers know it well: being proactive is crucial to enjoy the pleasure of moving on two wheels, which is why we should all know how to deal with the sudden temperature changes of this season.

Everyone has their own style, of course, but we believe we can all agree on some ground rules:

  • layer clothes to feel great from the moment you sprint in the cool air of the morning to the last pedal stroke before you get off the saddle. The cold makes us consume more calories, which is why we should be able to remove some clothing as the temperature rises;
  • since your head is already protected by a helmet, cover your ears with a headband that keeps them warm from the cold, while being easy to fold away and store in your backpack;
  • always bring a packable rain jacket - you can never be sure not to find a few drops of rain along the way;
  • choose an interchangeable saddle, such as TA+TOO: remove the top of the saddle - that is the padded top on which we sit - with a simple, quick move to deter theft and be sure to be back home dry, even after a sudden downpour!

This is what we think we should all bring along when cycling in autumn.
What would you add to this short, essential list?

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