Support Cyclists On The Road: 5000 miles, hundreds of free coffees and bicycles repaired

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Support Cyclists On The Road: 5000 miles, hundreds of free coffees and bicycles repaired
April 2019

Over 5000 kilometers traveled, hundreds of coffees brewed, scores of bicycles repaired and, above all, an infinity of smiles, stories and meetings – this is the balance of the first round of "Support Cyclists On The Road" tour.

To realise the company philosophy of "Support Cyclists”, the On the Road tour stems from the desire to meet cyclists face-to-face and hear their stories whether young and old, professionals or families, while offering them free mechanical assistance and delicious coffee.

Padua, Milan, Innsbruck, Berlin, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Munich and Turin are the nine cities that our colorful Van (“Vanny" for friends) travelled to to meet cyclists on the roads they travel every day to go to work or study, or just for fun.

We wanted to learn of the experiences of ordinary (and extraordinary!) cyclists, and these are just the people whom we met and whose stories Marco and Graziano listened to while making them coffee or adjusting their bikes.

Our first stop was Padua, where students, both Italian and foreign, use bicycles as an essential part of their lives: bicycles that are often old and shabby, but with a past to tell of and to which one cannot fail to become attached. We then went to the Milan city center, running like no other in Europe, where we met professionals, young people and journalists whose bicycles reflected the eye for detail of the city of fashion.

Moving on, Innsbruck shared with us one of the most fun and warm communities we visited, and for two days the Van was literally mobbed by cyclists.

Berlin was, as always, Berlin, and with help from our friends at WingWheels, we were welcomed by the colorful people of the German capital despite the weather being a little too "Berlin" for our tastes

The Van then arrived in Holland, which is not only a beautiful country with unexpected landscapes, but also the European nation with the highest density of bikes. Perfectly constructed bike paths, countless cyclists and endless bike parking meant Marco and Graziano were busy observing the Dutch talent to be sociable and welcoming. Then it was back to Germany, where the Van welcomed professionals and enthusiasts from all over Europe at the Cyclingworld industry fair in Düsseldorf.

The Tour was almost finished, so it was the time for Munich, a city that cares about mobility and sustainability and a community of equally sensitive cyclists. And finally Turin, our the last stop before a well-deserved break.


It is difficult to summarize a month of travel and sensations, but what remains is the pleasant surprise of cyclists discovering that something is being done for them without asking for anything in return. A surprise that soon becomes a smile and a genuine thank you. Following the philosophy of Selle Royal, in "Support Cyclists", we found people and intersected with their lives through the wheels of their bicycles.

But that's not all: on April 27th and 28th we leave for the VELOBerlin fair, in the evocative former Tempelhof airport. Then, from 17 to 19 May, the Van will be at the service of bicycle travellers who will meet in Italy as they do every year at BAM! on the lakefront in the heart of Mantua.

This last stop will complete the first part of the project "Support Cyclists On The Road" but Vanny's journey will continue. We have no intention of stopping!

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