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Tailored comfort
May 2016

Saddles for every cyclist
An increasing number of people are choosing to use bikes to get around town.
Some do it for their own good​, and some to do good to the environment​.
Some do it because, let’s face it, cycling makes everything more fun, even grocery shopping or running errands. Some even do it because they found out that cycling to work takes 10 minutes less than driving. And they get there without nerve­wrecking traffic experiences.
There are many and varied reasons for choosing to cycle every day, but one critical factor that should not be overlooked is the importance of choosing the right saddle.
Just as we would never consider wearing shoes that are two sizes smaller than our feet, or wearing loafers to play sports, then why not choose a saddle that fits us perfectly​, tailored to our own body shape ​and our cycling style​? Selle Royal has addressed this need by developing the Scientia range ​in collaboration with the Sport University of Cologne: nine ergonomic styles ​designed to offer the saddle that best suits the riding position​ of each cyclist and the spacing between their sit bones​.
The result is a correct distribution of weight, lower pressure in soft tissues, and easier movement while pedaling.
In other words, tailored saddles for improved comfort and well­being​, which are essential to enjoy the daily pleasure of cycling with greater ease and satisfaction.

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