In the summertime… I want to ride my bicycle. Tips for cycling in the summer.

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In the summertime… I want to ride my bicycle. Tips for cycling in the summer.
June 2018

Temperatures start to rise with the arrival of the summer season. The pleasant days of spring give way to blazing heat, catching some cyclists off guard.
Because the hot summer sun can have some nasty tricks up its sleeve, we offer a few suggestions for when the mercury really starts rising.

  • Take time to get used to the heat

To avoid excessive fatigue, start by taking your bike out during cooler parts of the day, in the morning or at sunset, and gradually get accustomed to higher temperatures.
Always remember, however, that we can’t keep up the same pace when it gets really hot. So, slow down to save energy and keep your body temperature under control.

  • Plan for rest stops and drink lots of water

If the route you plan to cycle is particularly long, plan to take several stops to rest and to top up your water supply. It is essential that you restore the water you lose through sweating and physical effort.
Also remember to drink an adequate amount of water (at least 3.7 litres for men and 2.7 for women) every day to keep your muscles and joints well lubricated and improve your energy level.

  • Protect yourself from the sun

This is fundamental, though it’s unfortunately often underestimated. Don’t even think of going cycling without having applied a high SPF sunscreen on exposed skin, wear clothes that cover the more delicate parts of your skin and a hat to protect your head from sunburn.
A sunburn can really spoil what began as a beautiful day.

  • Cool off often

Overly high body temperature can impact both your health and your performance while cycling. To avoid unpleasant incidents, wet your neck and forearms often. This helps your body cool off and maintain the correct temperature.

  • Keep an eye on your diet

You need to keep a few dietary aspects in mind before setting out on a long ride under the sun. In the days leading up to your ride, eat plenty of foods with a high water content (such as fruit and vegetables, especially watermelon and grapes) and sugars to maintain energy.

  • Wear appropriate clothes

Like any activity in higher-than-usual temperatures, you need to choose suitable clothing for cycling. In particular, after a ride under the sun, choose technical, preferably light-coloured fabrics that don’t attract UV rays to avoid unsightly sweat stains. These clothes are extremely lightweight, readily available commercially, and made of special breathable fabrics that let sweat evaporate quickly while keeping the skin always dry.

Cyclists can suffer less from the heat thanks to certain elements of the bicycle itself, such as the saddle, that often has special covers or a central hole to allow greater air movement while riding. Selle Royal’s Respiro Respiro line is equipped with Ventilation Channel, a central channel that sweats, and cool cover, a seat cover with a special composition that makes it much cooler than the black covers commonly found in stores.

We hope we have provided every cycling enthusiast with useful tips for the hottest days on your bike, because there is nothing better than the pleasure of riding in any season.

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